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Show My Homework
for Teachers, Students and Parents.
What is Show My Homework?
A simple online homework calendar showing homework information, deadlines and
attachments for students.
From 19/01/15, all homework will be displayed online,
using Show My Homework.
Benefits for Parents
• You can see exactly how much homework has been set.
• It’s much easier to take part in home learning.
• Translation into 50+ languages.
• Better communication through school announcements.
If you have more than one child at the school, they will appear on the same page.
From here you can find their Homework; Announcements and Events that apply to
them; and their Gradebook.
Homework appears in the calendar as a block, stretching from the issue date to the
due date.
Select a piece of homework for more details.
In this view we can see a task’s title and description, how long the homework is
expected to take, and how it should be submitted.
Helpful resources – files & websites – are displayed below the homework.
Show My Homework can be translated into over 50 different languages.
Just select a language from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page.
Gradebook helps you keep track of the submission status of homework, and grades, if
In Settings, you can manage Notifications.
Make sure to download the Show My Homework App, for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
and Android Devices.
Once you input your email address on Show My Homework, you can
contact them if you need any support.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0207 197 9550
Twitter: @showmyhomework
For help with logging in, contact Zara Smith, our MIS Manager:
Email: [email protected]