Transcript Our country

Our flag
Our flag is blue,red
and white..
A symbol of our country
One of the symbol the
Czech Republic is a
lime leaf, because
there are many limes
in our country.
Where is our country?
Our country lies in
the middle of Europe
Where is our town?
Our school is in
Tovačov. There are
about 2 000
Weather in the spring
The temperature is
between 5°C and 25
°C. Sometimes it
rains. The first
flowers are
Weather in the summer
The temperature is
between 20 °C and 31
°C. There are often
storms. The weather
often changes.
Weather in the autumn
At the beginning it´s
usually warm – we
can wear T – shirts.
Then itˇs colder and it
often rains. In
November the
temperature is about 0
°C and it sometimes
Weather in the winter
The temperature is
between –20° C and
It usually snows.
Sometimes there´s no
Capital and population
Population : about 10 000
More people live in cities
than in the country. The
capital is Praha ( Prague ).
There live more than one
million people. There are
many sights. Praha is
divided into 13 parts.
Czech greetings
Good morning. Dobré ráno
Good afternoon. Dobré odpoledne.
Good night. Dobrou noc.
How are you? Jak se máte?
A landscape we love
It´s Moravian Karst.
There are scalactical
caves and a gorge
called Macocha
A poem we like
K. H. Mácha
Byl pozdní večer – první máj –
Večerní máj – byl lásky čas.
Hrdliččin zval ku lásce hlas,
Kde borový zaváněl háj.
O lásce šeptal tichý mech,
Květoucí strom lhal lásky žel.
Svou lásku slavík růži pěl,
Růžinu jevil vonný vzdech.
Jezero hladké v křovích stinných
Zvučelo temně tajný bol,
Břeh je objímal kol a kol,
A slunce jasná světů jiných
Bloudila blankytnými pásky
Planoucí tam co slzy lásky.
It´s the most famous
Czech poem.
It´s called May.
A product of our country
The Czech Republic is well-known for
these typical Czech products.
As the most famous product may be
considered The Skoda car.
And if we speak about motorism,we
cannot forget to mention flack track
motor-cycles (JAWA),which are made
only in our coutry and in Italy
fromwhole Europe.
Another famous product is beer.In the
Czech Repubilc there is produced are
least 15 kinds of beer.One of them is
transported all over Europe (Pilsner
A Czech recipe
Potato cakes
Instructions:Peel potatoes and grate
them.Add 1-2 eggs teaspoon
marjoram,salt + pepper,2 cloves rubbed
garlic,half mug flour.Mix properly.Put
the oil in a frying pan.Fry the potato
cakes until they are brown on both
sides.Take the cakes out of the frying
pan and put them on a tray.
Proverbs that we like
Everyone pulls a saw for a short while.Každý chvilku tahá pilku.
There are no cakes without work.
Bez práce nejsou koláče.
A famous person
Karel IV-The Czech
king and Roman
emperor.He lived in
14century.There are
still many sights built
in his time.
Our team, class 9. B