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Transcript Application Rapid push method in praxis

Immunology nursing in the Czech republic today

Teplá Ilona

Králíčková Pavlína Institute of Allergy and Clinical Immunology University Hospital Hradec Kralove Czech Republic

sources: foto oficial pages in the Internet


sources : oficial pages in the Internet / foto learning centre of the University Hospital Hradec Kralove

The main points

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Statistical survey of our patients in the Czech PID database Practical aspects in the administration Immunoglobulin supplementation therapy and comparison IVIG x SCIG Most frequent questions/difficulties with the administration Conclusion Discussion

Statistical survey of PID patients

/Czech republic/

Actual status

• general descriptions of database / immunoglobulin therapy/ • comparison of status in particular centres /referential values/ Czech PID registry, export of data 09/2014

Statistical survey of PID patients /Czech republic

Total evidence

Actual monitored number of patients

684 664


FNUSA Brno - Ústav klin. imunolog. a alergolog.

FN Motol - Ústav imunologie FNHK - ÚKIA VFN Praha - Ústav imunologie a mikrobiologie FN Plzeň - Ústav imunologie a alergologie ZÚ ÚnL - Odd. klin. imunologie a alergologie IKEM Praha - Klinická a transplantační medicína FN Olomouc - Odd. alergologie a klin. imunologie Nemocnice České Budějovice - Imunologické oddělení Zlín - Plicní oddělení, KNTB a.s.

ZÚ Ostrava - Oddělení imunologie a alergologie FN Brno - Pediatrická klinika FNHK - Klinika dětského lékařství FNKV Praha - Odd.alergologie a klin. imunologie FN Olomouc a LF UP - Dětská klinika Tábor-Kasmed s.r.o., alerg., imunolog, neurolog.

FN Ostrava - Alergologie Krnov SSZ - interní oddělení

% of valid cases

88,6% 88,7%

Number of patients

156 35 29 21 18 151 79 59 43 14 14 13 11 11 3 3 2 2


98,0% 92,4% 93,7% 100,0% 64,3% 97,0% 86,2% 100,0% 88,9% 100,0% 100,0% 91,7% 100,0% 90,9% 66,7% 100,0% 50,0% 100,0%

Statistical survey of PID patients

/Czech republic/

Male (N=300) Female (N=364)

N=664 (Currently monitored)

Basic characteristics

Replacement therapy

Practical aspects in the administration

Optimal IgG doses and target trough levels are individual (clinical symptoms, comorbidities, genetic factors)

The route of administration could be the result of discussion (patient X nurse X doctor)

Negative influence

- financial conditions in hospital - statement of insurance company - economical tender of immunoglobulin preparation

Practical aspects in the administration

IVIG therapy Advantages

cheaper in the Czech Rep.

- administration ones/twice a month - more often checking of clinical status and laboratory results Disadvantages - administration at outpatient department (traveling, day off work) - higher risk of adverse events - more often intolerance of administered preparation - necessary good venous access

Practical aspects in the administration

SCIG therapy Advantages

- home therapy with independence - comfort, flexibility - less frequent visits at the doctor - better tolerance of Ig preparations - low side effect profile (no severe systemic) - alternative for patients with poor venous access - benefit in case of gastrointestinal losses, malnutrition - flexibility of dosing and ease of administration


- fear from the inject or the needle - administrations 1-3 times a week - intolerance (local skin reactions, scars, stretch marks) - risk of lower compliance

SCIG therapy

It is important to doing difference between methods of subcutaneous administrations, preparations

• •

Individual approach to each patient Choose areas from recommended sites for the administration /abdomen, outer/

inner thighs, hips, upper arms/

Specific role of trained nurses in the education of patients

It depends on the constitution of the patient, the thickness of the subcutis and type of needles

SCIG therapy

Subcutaneous administration

method rapid push /patient can adjust the rate of the infusion according to his tolerance without using the infusion pump/ ….Rapid push significantly higher infusion rate (60ml/h x 20ml/h) ….Patients with 10ml and less per one site prefer rapid push

by the infusion pump /there should keep recommended rate of the infusion/ ….Infusion pumps provide pharmaceutical firms ….Comparable efficacy and tolerability

Our own experience – centre Hradec Kralove, Czech Rep.

47 patients regularly on Ig substitution therapy

• •

27/47 20/47 IVIG SCIG

SCIG with pump since … 2007 to Oct 2014: 9 patients (3 died, 1 switched to IVIG – medication intolerance)

Rapid push since …2012 to Oct 2014: 11 patients (2 switched to IVIG – 1 case patient preference, one case unsatisfactory IgG level and patients reluctance to increase Ig doses)

Side effects – pump x rapid push

No serious systemic reaction

• including patient experienced moderate systemic reaction - IgA antibodies • 1 case - intolerance of two different preparations (fatigue) Local reactions: Pump: infrequently haematoma

Rapid push:

→ 2/11 mild itching, erythema → 2/11 pain during administration (change of the injection site to the inner thigh)

Often problems with administration / by patients and nurse´s view

a view on our daily centre /outpatient ward/

Practical experience

Giving enough practical information to the patient by a nurse specialist

Explanation of the whole procedure (initiation of SCIG therapy) or providing an instructional video

Demonstration of administration

Reassurance of the patient (patient in home therapy after regaining certainty in the administration)

Question 1


There are enlarged pores, which are usually disappear for a day, the area is painful. Shall I continue with the application


There is the skin apparently attenuated (stretch marks, etc.) … You will try to change the site. We choose a different area from the recommended injection sites. Mainly it depends on the tolerance of the patient ..

We had same patient in our department with this problem and she solved it just changing of the injection site. She started to administer to the inner side of thigh and she was satisfy .

Practical experience


possibility of the administration

Question/difficulties 2


There are stretch marks around the abdomen and it is very limited the choice to other site.

• •

outside stretch marks (scars) it depends again on the constitution of the patient, the thickness of the subcutis

Question 3


The injection site is after the infusion leakage or wet

There was probably made too shallow the introducing of the needle. The needle was only a little bent or it was just a poor implementation. We have tested for example bending the needle to the angle of 90 degrees /method rapid push/, the introduction of the needle is deep enough to the preparation is well absorbed and well tolerated by the patient .

the bending of the needle to 90 the subcutis ° degrees is recommended in the administration to the abdomen (special type of the needle) and there is stronger thickness of

Practical experience


possibilty of administration

Question 4


The injection site is after administration indurated and painful and it has been disappear for a long time..…

The dose of the liquid is probably too large on the thickness of the subcutis. We will try to divide the dose into two or more administrations. New sites should be at lest 2 inches apart.

We should have been always consulted with the doctor.


Immunoglobulin supplementation therapy represents a corner stone in the treatment of patients with disturbance of specific antibody production. The correctly guided treatment leads to decrease of severe illnesses and im prove the quality of life. I am glad that I can participate in it.

There were used information from the official websites www. and the Internet .


Immunology nursing in the Czech republic today

Thank you for your attention .

sources : foto oficial pages in the Internet