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Transcript Ophthalmology?

Is it right for me?
Ophthalmology as a
career choice?
• Advantages:
• Surgical specialty
• Immediate gratification
• Happy patients
• Increasing patient population (aging Boomers)
• Multiple sub-specialties:
• Retina (medical and surgical), plastics/orbit,
glaucoma, pediatrics, cornea/refractive,
pathology, neuro, uveitis
• 4 year residency (plus fellowship, if desired)
• Good compensation
Ophthalmology as a
career choice
• Disadvantages
• Very Competitive to match
• Average Step I score for matched applicants
2010= 235
• Historically—78-80% US Med School graduates
applying for Ophth match in a program
• Very Competitive to practice
• Optometry scope of practice expanding
Ophthalmology as a
career choice
• Resources
• American Academy of Ophthalmology
• www.aao.org
• SF Match
• www.sfmatch.org/residency/ophthalmology/index.htm
• www.acgme.org
• KU Eye
• John Sutphin MD—Chair
• Tom Whittaker JD MD—Program Director
We interview KU applicants! We give advice to KU students!
We do rotations/shadow! We don’t bite (much)!!
Ophthalmology at KU
• KU Ophthalmology: John Sutphin MD, Chair
• Residency: 3 positions/year, ACGME accredited,
Tom Whittaker JD MD, Program Director
• Three locations:
• KU Eye: multi-specialty practice at 7400 State Line,
Prairie Village KS
• Children’s Mercy Hospital: pediatric ophthalmology
• KC VAMC: primary care ophthalmology with subspecialty coverage by KU Eye
• Call/email: Dr Sutphin or me
• Talk with our residents
• Get involved—
Ophthalmology Interest Group
JayDoc eye nights
Research opportunities
Shadow faculty