Year 5 GP Placement

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Transcript Year 5 GP Placement

Year 5 GP Placement
Lisa Elam
What Makes a Good Placement?
• Introduction – need to identify learning needs of student as
these are often very specific in final year, especially towards
the end of the year (e.g. log-book requirements, clinical
skills practice)
• Clinical skills resources – availability of models e.g. gynae
models, Ophthalmology head, PR model and dedicated
time to practice skills with at least one opportunity to be
• Student-led clinics – invaluable experience for students and
most feel that it is helpful in forming own management
plans and thinking about Tx options
• Tutorials – prescribing, childhood illness and gynaecology
were topics specified as we do not have lectures/firms in
these subjects yet we may still get exam questions – a good
opportunity to revise
Possible Improvements
• More student-led clinics – at least 3 sessions
per week
• Lunch and Learn sessions – to fill long lunch
• Accessibility to internet resources (one
practice provided UpToDate membership –
very impressive!!)