Nile Academy Research Fair

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Nile Academy Research Fair

A Presentation to Get You Started

Good News…!

We’re having a



Nile Academy Research Fair…what?

 It’s a competition, duh!

 It’s a chance to explore what you’ve always wanted to study or know.

 It’s a fun way to escape the boring classroom and learn independently.  It’s a great way to prepare you for the future.

So, what am I going to do?

 This is a mandatory, school-wide assignment.  You will be given a grade of 5% from all four of your classes: DO A GOOD JOB! That’s a total of 20% of your total grades!

 You will need to choose a field that you would like to do a project in: mathematics, science, social science, or technology/computers.  You will need to work independently or in pairs.

1 2


3 Step 1:

Find a topic to research.

Step 3:

Type out your report.

4 Step 2:

Do the research and get help.

Step 4:

Prepare your display board.

The Research Fair

 You will be judged by a panel of judges.  You will need to prepare a 5 minute presentation.

 You will have to dressed in uniforms that day.

 You can call your parents to visit your public viewing.

 There will be tons of medals and awards to go around.

 There will fun, outdoor activities for half of the day.

What you need to do right away!



Teachers: Anthony Senzel, Adam Frook, and Esat Gokce. 

Project Ideas (do not use; these are samples):

     Choosing the Best Archival Paper The Effects of Music on Plants The Best Way to De-Ice Roads The Effects of Climate Change on Local Maple Trees Factors Affecting Simple Telescope/Magnifying Glass Setups

Social Science

Teachers: Tanya Dimaliwat, Leila Besir, Olivia Oulton, Jana Tuscher, Naheeda Sayeed, Zeynep and Aral Belir, and Anastasia Babuskina.

Project Ideas (do not use; these are samples):

    The Experiences of African Americans in Early Canadian History (1860-1900s) The Deterioration of the Legal Rights of the World Population The Effects of World War II on Global Climate Change The Voynich Manuscript and its Mysterious Contents

Social Science, Cont’D

 Analyzing Global Food Distribution Since the 1900s.

 Fallacies in the Canadian Legal System  New Population Growth Patterns in Developing Nations  The Global Economic and Political Structure in the Coming Century  Analysis of a Significant Painting, like Guernica (Pablo Picasso).

Social Science, Cont’D

 The Effects of the English Language on Global Academic Research.  How Specific Colors Change Brain Functioning.

 The Effects of Certain Types of Food on Mood.

 Measuring the Reaction Level of Individuals to Certain Stimuli.

 The Lost Cities of the World and Their Ancient Significance.


Teacher: Mehmet Saylica 

Project Ideas (do not use; these are samples):

     Developing a More Efficient Optical Storage Medium. Creating and Testing a Book Cataloging Robot System.

Developing a Computer Program to Predict Cancer Based on Certain Symptoms. Developing a More Efficient Voice Analysis Package.

Creating an iPhone/Android Game Application


Teacher: Eyup Ozeler and Halit Ozer 

Project Ideas (do not use; these are samples):

      The Mathematics Behind Shooting Basketballs and Soccer balls. Chain Reaction Mathematics: The Geometry of the Pappus Chain Theorem.

Devising New Fractals Using Algorithms.

Developing a Theory to Predict Bacterial Population Sizes Based on Food/Energy Theories.

Analyzing Logic Problems and Paradoxes.

Exploring Infinities and The Googol.

Good luck!