BCE 3403 - Environmental Engineering

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Transcript BCE 3403 - Environmental Engineering

BCE 3403 Environmental
Introduction to Environmental
Mdm Nur Syazwani binti Noor Rodi
Environmental Engineering
“ the application of science and
technology/principles to
minimize the adverse effects of
human activity on the
Topic in CE involve with
Highway Design
Construction Management
Material Science
Water and Wastewater Transport
Soil and Foundation Engineering
Causes of Environmental
• Increasing Population
• Greater Consumption of Natural Resources (esp. Fossil Fuels)
Types of Environmental
• Air Pollution
• Noise Pollution
• Solid Waste
Environmental Engineering
System Overview
Assess environmental engineering systems, legislation and ethics
Assess water treatment components
Assess processes of water & wastewater treatment;
Evaluate the quality of air and noise pollution;
Perform design and analysis of solid waste management planning;
Justify an appropriate monitoring and maintenance of water
quality management;
• Interpret environmental design data and fundamentals in relation
to health and safety
• Design and plan the hazardous waste management and treatment
Environmental legislation,
regulation and ethics
Legislation is related to the prevention, abatement, control
of pollution and enhancement of the environment.
In Malaysia, any environmental issue have to refer with
Environmental Quality Act 1974 (EQA 1974)
Industrial activities are required to obtain the following
approvals from the Director General of Environmental
EIA reports (for prescribed activities);
Site suitability evaluation (for non-prescribed activities);
Written permission to construct;
Written approval for installation of incinerator, fuel burning
equipment and chimney;
License to use and occupy (for prescribed premises)
Environmental Quality Act
“ This act provides for the prevention, abatement, and control of
pollution through licensing, and mandates the conducting of an
Environmental Assessment Report for proposed public and
private sector projects to determine and prevent or prepare for
the environmental consequences of the project. It was brought
into effect with the implementation of a subsequent set of
specific regulations and laws”
Purpose of EQA
Prevention of the pollution
Abatement pollution levels
Controlling the pollution from continues
Prepare for the environmental consequences