AWC Grant Project Report (the other Washington)

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Transcript AWC Grant Project Report (the other Washington)

Jim Doherty
Legal Consultant
Municipal Research & Services Center
November, 2010
AWC – Association of Washington Cities
WSAC – Washington Association of Counties
PST – Pipeline Safety Trust
WUTC - Washington Utilities and
Transportation Commission
NWGA – Northwest Gas Association
MRSC – Municipal Research & Services Center
Posted a web page
Took the message out to the local
A dozen presentations around the state
Lots of Print and Electronic
We offered to travel to jurisdictions to meet
with local elected officials and staff
We offered to help them by assisting with the
drafting of procedural or substantive
regulatory ordinances
Verbal support ◦ Gee, nice presentation and info!
◦ Promises that they would follow up and take
But very little action (so far)
Not a single call following the California
Planning Departments in cities and counties
have been decimated by layoffs and funding
◦ Only required projects (state mandated
planning efforts) and routine tasks
◦ Or separately funded projects
Is it too early to see the full impact of
our efforts?
Are some jurisdictions awaiting the
issuance of the PIPA report?
Will the release of the report provide the
legitimacy for local governments to address
the issue?
We can hope so.
The Achaeans had Achilles, the Trojans had
Hector (for a while)
In every community we need to get either a
member of the legislative body, a
persuasive planner, or a VERY EFFECTIVE
local citizen to push the issue.
We now have good, well thought out options
to offer to local governments
Many local governments are currently in a
defensive mode, unwilling or unable to take
on new initiatives
The pipelines are underground and most
people are not concerned until they see
flames and hear sirens
Continue with same pattern: educate & seek
to motivate, provide $$$ to prime the pump
Elicit support from industry and get industry
more involved with local government
planning (acknowledgement of risk?)
Can PHMSA take a bolder role in the process?