System of Systems providing Statewide Interoperability

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Transcript System of Systems providing Statewide Interoperability

System of Systems
Statewide Interoperability
NECP Objective 4:
Standards and Emerging
Communications Technologies
• Several States (e.g., Arizona, California, and
Texas) are developing statewide “systems of
systems” that leverage emerging technologies to
establish interoperability among different levels
of government and that span frequency bands.
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NECP Goals
Goal 1
By 2010, 90 percent of all high-risk urban areas designated within
the Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) are able to
demonstrate response-level emergency communications within
one hour for “routine events” involving multiple jurisdictions and
Goal 2
By 2011, 75 percent of non-UASI jurisdictions are able to
demonstrate response-level emergency communications within
one hour for “routine events” involving multiple jurisdictions and
Goal 3
By 2013, 75 percent of all jurisdictions are able to demonstrate
response-level emergency communications within three hours, in
the event of a “significant incident” as outlined in national
planning scenarios.
SAFECOM Definition
A system of systems exists when a group
of independently operating systems –
comprised of people, technology, and
organizations – are connected, enabling
emergency responders to effectively
support day-to-day operations, planned
events, or major incidents.
A Successful system of systems relies on the
Following fundamental concepts:
 Relationships among governance, technology,
standard operating procedures, training, and usage;
 Systems are independently operated and managed
and can connect with other systems without losing
this independence;
 A system of systems expands beyond local
geographical boundaries;
 To develop regional systems to accommodate all
communications traffic for emergency public safety and public
service practitioners, a collaborative effort between state and
local agencies, organizations and jurisdictions is required;
 A regional interoperable system may consist of multiple regions
and state agencies partnering to develop one system that
covers the multiple regions, or multiple systems within a region
providing seamless interoperability.
SCIP Version 2.1 — Eligibility for Funding
 Applicants must be participating in the development of a Regional
Interoperable Communications Plan (RICP) to build a Statewide
System of Systems. Regional plans for the development and
implementation of shared P25 voice standards-based
communications must be a collaboration of regional public safety
and public service agencies, jurisdictions, state agencies and
non-governmental entities.
 System designs must provide communications capacity for
daily use by all public safety, public service and nongovernmental emergency practitioners that routinely serve the
Texas Public Safety
Trunking Systems
City of Arlington and UTA
City of Mansfield
City of Grand Praire
City of Lewisville, Coppell, and Flower Mound Regional System
City of Denton
City of Farmers Branch, Carrolton, and Farmers Branch Regional System
Fort Woth/Tarrant City of Garland and Rowlett
Regional System
FW Public Works
NE Tarrant
Denton County Regional System
City of Irving
Collin County Regional System
Parker County
City of Plano Regional System
Wichita Falls
City of Richardson
City of Dallas Public Works
Texas Tech PD
City of Lubbock
City of Texarkana and Bowie County
City of Midland
City of Odessa
Regional Radio System
(ETMC, Longview, Tyler, etc)
City of El Paso
City of Bryan
City of College Station
Texas A&M
City of San Angelo
Orange County
Jefferson County
South Texas Area Regional Network (P25 and Motorola)
(Harris, Galveston, Fort Bend, Brazoria,
Waller, TxDOT, Liberty, Chambers, Walker, etc)
Middle Rio Grande
San Antonio/Bexar County
Bexar Met Water
City of San Antonio Water
Corpus Christi
City of Laredo
* Representative Systems
(Not all Systems Shown)
Bell Cnty
City of Phar
City of Edinburg
City of McAllen
City of Mission
City of Rio Grande City
City of Brownsville
Cameron County
City of Harlingen and San Benito
Regional Radio System
(City of Austin, Travis, Williamson, UT,
DPS Capitol Police, etc)
Lee County
Caldwell County
Bastrop County