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General Chair
Prof. Afshin S. Daryoush
[email protected]
2015 IEEE Benjamin Franklin Symposium on Microwave and Antenna SubSystems for Radar, Telecommunications, and Biomedical Applications
TPC Chair
Prof. Arye Rosen
TPC Co-Chairs
Prof. Moeness Amin
Dr. Yimin Zhang
Dr. Mohammad Tofighi
Student Paper Competition
Dr. Ajay Poddar
Gene Bruschke
Dr. Murat Eron
Prof. Allen Katz
Dr. Asher Madjar
Dr. Charlotte Blair
Abhay Joshi
Local Arrangements
Prof. Robert Caverly
The 2015 IEEE Benjamin Franklin Symposium on Microwave and
Antenna Sub-Systems (BenMAS 2015) will be held in Philadelphia, PA.
The conference technically focuses on microwave and antenna subsystems designed for radar, telecommunications, and biomedical
applications and is sponsored by the IEEE Philadelphia joint chapter of
MTT and AP societies. In addition to an invited plenary session, the
BenMAS 2015 will also include three oral sessions and an interactive
posters session, and showcase industrial exhibitions.
Original technical contributions relating to sub-systems operating from
RF to optical frequencies are sought in the following areas:
1. Radar systems for aerospace, vehicular, and imaging applications
2. Wireless and wired telecommunication systems in support of
ubiquitous and personal communications
3. Biomedical systems applied to biological sensing, imaging, and
The accepted papers are to be available from IEEE Xplore. However,
a special issue of Journal of the Franklin Institute (JFI) in March 2016
is to be dedicated to a longer version (6 pages) of the accepted
symposium papers.
Tentative Invited Plenary Speakers:
• Expert from Industry, Aerospace/Radar Applications, France
• Expert from Industry, Telecommunications, USA
• Expert from Academia, Biomedical Applications, USA
Conference Venue
Sheraton University City Hotel
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Important Dates:
• Summary Submission (2 pages): May 29, 2015
• Author Notification: July 1, 2015
• Final paper submission (3 pages): August 10, 2015
• Advance Registration: September 11, 2015
• Special Issue of JFI Submission: September 25, 2015