The League of Nations notes

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Transcript The League of Nations notes

The League of Nations notes

• 1919-1945; the goal of maintaining peace, justice and improve living conditions for all people throughout the world • Goals of the League (committees): – Court of International Justice – Health – Labor conditions – Ending slavery – Refugees

The League of Nations notes

Organization of the League

The Council

: 5 permanent member nations, all decisions had to be unanimous –

The Assembly

: All other nations that are members, all decisions had to be unanimous –

The Secretariat

: Carried out the League’s decisions; the League had no army –


Political Cartoons

• Political cartoons communicate powerful ideas often in a humorous, enlightening manner that people can relate to • Often use symbols, caricatures and exaggerations to make fun of people or ideas • Seen in newspapers, magazines, websites, etc…

Political Cartoons

Steps to analyzing a political cartoon: 1. Look at the whole picture 2. Divide the picture into four quarters, focus in on each part to get the details you may have missed in step 1 3. Circle and identify any symbols in the cartoon 4. Describe the action that is taking place 5. Read dialogue, titles and captions 6. Think about what you already know about this topic or time period 7. Write in your own words what you think the cartoon is trying to say

The Treaty of Versailles

You’ve got to swallow it whether you like it or not Peace terms List of PPC countries: Japan, Italy America, France, Britain