Procurement Criteria

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Transcript Procurement Criteria

Kevin Tran
Sewon Kim
Why do we need criteria?
Origin of procurement criteria
Typical criteria
How do we decide the priority
1.Why do we need criteria?
A lot of clients, needs
To meet the needs of the purchaser
2.Origin of procurement
Developing a strategy for the project
on the basis of the client’s needs
‘Thinking about Building’
8 procurement factors
The importance of appropriate
procurement route
3.Typical criteria
1. Time
2. Quality
3. Cost
4. Complexity
5. Controllable
6. Degree of
7. Client
8. Risk in the
4.How do we decide the
Using the survey
10 criteria
Scale 1-10
Using the χ² test
Using the Friedman one-way Anova
The higher value, the higher priority
A lot of values and client
Priority is different from every clients
Decide to depending on the needs of
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