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It is often said that the best years of our lives are
spent at school… but for others they represent
teen’s hardest challenge.
With this work we want to show you the bright
side and the dark side of school life. We will talk
about some situations that happen at school like
projects/ Clubs, relationship with teachers,
problems with our peers, study (good or bad
marks) and how it affects the relationship with
others (our parents., friends, teachers)
 Marks
– Sometimes it is hard to pay attention to the lessons
and to keep studying at a good rhythm, so it’s often hard to have
good marks.
 Competition
- There may be some competition between
peers because of their marks. If some consider it positive to raise
standards, in extreme cases it isn’t healthy at all
 Clubs
/ Projects - In our school there are some clubs that
organize activities to the students like the European Club, the
School Band or sports activities. These are a good complement to
relax in a studying environment.
 Friendship – friends always help each other but in some
cases friends can be a bad influence.
 Loveship – it is hard to have time to study and to go out
with a boyfriend / girlfriend and sometimes it can affect our
study in a negative way because we can´t focus in our work.
 Parentship – sometimes parents get mad when we have
bad marks and make us study hardier by forbiding us of doing
the things we like the most.
 With
this work we didn´t learn anything
new,since we are all part of this
environment, we have just reflected about
aspects that we experience every day and
that can be useful for future decisions.
 Joana
 Liliana Marques
 Mafalda Oliveira
 Raquel Costa