Online Ordering System

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Transcript Online Ordering System

Order from your Smart Phone or from your desk!
 This is a mobile website allowing patrons of the AMS
Food & Beverage businesses to pre-order and pay for
your food orders without getting into a long line up.
You can also indicate, within a two hour window, the
time that you would like to pick up your order.
 Testing has been completed at Blue Chip Cookies and
currently is being done at the Gallery
Restaurant & Lounge. Once Gallery testing is over
the site will be open to the public. Other outlets will
follow later.
 For patrons: no line up for ordering, faster access to
food, more time to spend on spending money in SUB
 For Outlets: less line ups at POS
 increased revenue utilizing existing staff
 more exposure to a larger audience
How does it work?
 From your phone or desk go to the website and follow the
instructions to open your account and enter the credit
card you wish to use (Visa or Mastercard). Once you
have your account and are logged in you will see a page
with the current AMS Food & Beverage outlets that are
open in the system.
Outlets Currently in System
Step One
 Pick the outlet you wish to order from and a screen will
open letting you know that:
 the outlet is open for orders
 estimated wait time, and type of food that is served.
 In the Gallery you will also be asked if you are 19+ as
you need to be of legal age to enter the Gallery for food
order pick up.
Step Two
 Click the ‘Order Now’ tab and the current menu will
open for you. From the tabs at the top you will be able
to order food or non alcoholic drinks. For the Gallery
there is a breakfast section that will be active from 9
am until 11 am and then will be hidden. Lunch, diner
and snacks menus are available all day.
Check Out
 When you have picked what you would like and are
ready to check out, hit the grey order tab in the upper
right hand corner that also shows you the total $
amount of your order.
Order Tab
Edit Orders
 Once you have hit the grey order tab a screen will open
with everything you have chosen. It is at this point on
the screen that you can edit anything before payment
goes through, or put in a short (18 character) note
such as “no onions” and where you can set the time
you would like to pick up your items (within a two
hour window.)
Finish your order
 Once your order is correct, hit the CHECK OUT tab
across the bottom of the screen and your payment will
be processed with the credit card (Visa/Mastercard)
that you used when creating your account.
Pick up
 If you ordered from your Smart Phone you will have a
receipt number which you will then show at the outlet
as confirmation that order is yours.
 If you ordered from your computer you will need to
print off the receipt and bring it along to the outlet.
 Pick up your order and you are done!