Transcript BELGRADE

Capital of Serbia…
Capital of Serbia…
Belgrade is the capital of Serbia
It has about 2 million inhabitants
It is situated in South-Eastern Europe ,on the Balkan Peninsula
It lies at the confluence of the Sava and Danube Rivers in
central Serbia
Belgrade is the capital of Serbian culture, education, science
and economy
The official language is Serbian, while visitors from abroad can
use English to communicate
History of the city
The city has a very tumultuous
A lot of nations have been
living in Belgrade for centuries
Belgrade is one of the oldest
cities in Europe and since
ancient times it has been an
important traffic focal point, an
intersection of the roads of
Eastern and Western Europe
The first settlements on
Belgrade soil developed as far
back as 7,000 years ago
Ancient sources provide the
oldest known name of
6,000 years long history – and
the first written documents
date back to the 3rd century
This is borne out by numerous
archaeological sites with
material evidence, ranging
from the culture of the Old
Stone Age and other
prehistoric cultures, to the
Middle Ages
Belgrade Fortress-Kalemegdan
It was erected at the end of 1st century as the permanent camp of the
Roman Legion Flavia Felix
With impressive views over the Danube and Sava rivers, the Belgrade
Fortress and the Kalemegdan Park together represent a cultural monument
of exceptional importance
The area where various sport, cultural and arts events take place, and are
fun and joy for all generations of Belgraders and numerous visitors of the
Victory monument
This recognisable Belgrade monument is dedicated to the 10th
anniversary of the breach of the Thessaloniki Front
It is situated on Kalemegdan
The Old Bohemian Quarter of Belgrade
It dates back to late 19th and early 20th
It was back then when its taverns were a
meeting place for many of the greatest figures
of the cultural scene of this period
It is often compared with the Montmartre in
Paris, both for its appearance and the
cheerful, vigorous artists' atmosphere
Republic square
The Square is a popular place for the young of Belgrade who meet
before going elsewhere to have fun
Actually, even those who do not know Belgrade very well, prefer the
Square as an orientation point
There is also the statue of a horse rider representing one of Serbian
Knez Mihajlova street
This is the main pedestrian zone and is under state protection as
one of the oldest and most valuable architectural monuments
containing a series of representative buildings and private houses
built in the late 1880's
The house of flowers
The House of Flowers and its accompanying museums dedicated to
the memory of Josip Broz Tito, the former President of the SFRY,
offers visitors a glimpse into both the life and times of the man and
his conflicted legacy
The National Assembly of Serbia is located in the city center of
Belgrade, in front of Pioneer's Park, on Nikola Pašić Square
It was built in the Classical style with Renaissance elements, with
rich interior (architectural and artistic) decoration, made by, at that
time, most famous artists and craftsmen
This impressive building is one of the most important achievements
of recent Serbian architecture
The National Assembly
The National Museum in Belgrade
The National Museum is the most significant, the oldest and central
Serbian museum. After over a hundred and sixty years of growth
and development, from collecting rarities to comprehensive
presentation of cultural heritage of Serbia and Europe, it has 34
archeological, numismatic, artistic and historical collections today
Military Museum Belgrade
Military Museum is situated on the Belgrade Fortress, in the oldest
part of Belgrade
With its well known exterior, Museum is one of the symbols of the
Definitely the best place for kids
Zoo is located in Kalemegdan Park
You can come there and see various animals
You will have a lot of fun, for sure
Avala Tower
High telecommunication tower located on Avala mountain
This is the tallest building in Serbia and the Balkans
The Tower was first built from 1961 to 1965
It was destroyed during NATO bombardment and it was
reconstructed again from 2006 to 2009.
In front of it, there is a picnic park where you can enjoy yourself
with your family or friends
Going out
This town has a reputation for its nightlife that is well and truly
awake, there is no day in the week when you can’t spend a great
time out, you can always find something interesting for your age
Also you can do really good shopping there
There is a variety of sport you can find and enjoy in Belgrade’s
popular place for rest-Ada Ciganlija, also known as Belgrade’s sea
We hope that you will come to our
capital…and we are sure that you
will like it and have fun there 