Describing someone

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Transcript Describing someone

Describing someone!
Teacher Janine T. Stoffel
Physical Appearance
- Use of verb to be: am, is, are.
She´s very ugly.
They´re beautiful.
He´s overweight.
She´s thin/slim.
She´s skinny.
He´s tall.
They´re short.
- Use of have/ has/ have got/ has got.
He has/has got
blue eyes
She has/has got
black eyes.
She has/has got
green eyes.
She has/has got
brown eyes.
She has long straight
blond hair.
She has long
waivy red hair.
She has short
curly black hair.
She has shoulder
lenght brown hair.
He has short
brown hair.
He’s bald.
They have/have got a beard
He has/has got a
Order of adjectives
Verb: To have.