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Boston Manor Road
Cycle Proposals
Golden Mile Transport Group
What are we proposing?
- Upgrade of existing
cycle facilities on
BMR, between
underground station
and A4. (1.2km)
- Consultation on two
concept design
- Existing cycle facilities are confusing and intermittent.
- 3* the borough average for cycle collisions in a three year
- Wide road, opportunity to re-distribute space and provide
high quality cycle facilities.
- Key link, both into the borough from the north and between
Boston Manor tube station and the Golden Mile.
- Busy road, with a need to reduce traffic speeds.
- Supports Council’s commitment to a cleaner, greener
borough that encourages active communities.
Cycling in London
- Large amount of press coverage in recent months;
Superhighways, mini-Holland’s and Quietways.
- Consultation on a new version of the London Cycle Design
Standards by TfL.
- Increasing rates of cycling across the city, in Hounslow 70%
more daily trips by bike than four years ago, mode share of
- Demand for higher quality cycle infrastructure that is safe,
direct and accessible.
Work to Date
- Feasibility study complete, looked at multiple design
options: from fully segregated cycle facilities to improved oncarriageway options.
-This considered how to achieve the best possible cycle
design and the associated impact on:
Waiting / loading restrictions
Parking levels and local CPZ
Bus stops and lanes
Pedestrian movements and accessibility
Lane widths, kerb line changes
- Concept designs developed for two options.
Consultation Options
Option A – Two way segregated cycle track
- 3.0m wide cycle track on western side of BMR
- Segregated from general traffic lane by 0.5m kerbed island
or via built out cycle track.
Option B – On carriageway cycle lanes
- Mainly 2.0m wide (1.5m at some locations)
- Mandatory cycle lanes (i.e. solid white line) with increased
parking restrictions to keep cycle lanes clear of parked
Option A – Two way cycle track
- Meets standards set out in new
-Minimises interaction between
cyclists and motor vehicles.
- Parking relocated outside of
cycle track.
- Cycle ‘bypass’ of Sywncombe
Road roundabout.
- Retains southbound bus lane.
- Major challenge is to ensure
good connectivity at either end.
- Total Cost = £580k
Option B – On carriageway cycle lanes
- Upgrade of existing facilities,
with wider cycle lanes kept clear
of parked vehicles.
- High level of cycle interaction
with motor vehicles. Will this
encourage new cyclists?
- Lower impact on parking than
Option A.
- Removal of south bound bus
lane to achieve cycle lanes in
both directions.
- Total cost = £185k
Next Steps?
- Consultation running until 24th Nov 2014.
- Results of consultation, and the preferred design option to be
taken to Isleworth and Brentford Area Forum (local councillors)
in Jan 2015.
- Detailed Design to be progressed in early 2015, subject to
member approval.
- Construction to commence in late 2015. Programme
dependant on selected design option.
Find out more?
Copies of consultation material
available online at…
…or get in touch directly. We
welcome all questions, comments
and suggestions!
Tom Sharland
Transport Projects Officer
London Borough of Hounslow
[email protected]
020 8583 2270