A Teachers Journey into Medical Education

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Transcript A Teachers Journey into Medical Education

Both phenomenon and method
 Is the structured quality of
experience to be studied
 No beginning, no end. [It is] all
 Sequence of events which actually
 Peer in narrative research asked
me to write my story
The Landscape of Tanzania, East Africa:
My Parents Birthplace
Growing up in Scarborough:
Our Home for the past 35 years
Where everyone has an
equal opportunity to get
educated regardless of
Where innovation and
creativity is highly praised
and cultivated
How? We must become
Knowledge Workers
(Peter Drucker) or better
yet, Knowledge Builders
in order to partake in the
Knowledge Society we
Ismaili Jamatkhana Nairobi
Aga Khan University Hospital Nairobi
Aga Khan Academy Nairobi
Ismaili Jamatkhana Mombasa
Muree Hills
Aga Khan School Garden
Aga Khan University
Ismaili Jamatkhana Karadar
Aga Khan Academy Karimabad
Young Professionals I travelled with
Aga Khan School Sherquilla
Aga Khan School Gilgit
Aga Khan University- Institute for
Educational Development
AKU-IED Professional Development
Center North, Gilgit
Prof Gordon MacLeod and Prof Robert
Baker reviewing our work
IT team at AKU-IED
Supervised by
Anatomy Advisory
Objective of the TA
Guide was to Gain
experience in
medical education
Learned all about the
field of pre-clinical
medical education
Became acquainted
with big names in the
field like Yvonne
Steinhart, Vimla Patel
and others
Supervised by
Program Director
Becoming familiar
with the main
pedagogies of
› Problem Based
› Evidence-based
› Bedside Teaching
Attempted design
experiments in medical
education at UofT
› Undergraduate
› Graduate – ObGyn and
Family Medicine
› Psychiatry CME
Studied the variances in
the delivery of PBL
 Students identified
correct answers despite
working with ambiguity,
complexity and
Movement away from:
› Teacher guided interactions
› Giving selective information so students always
figure out right answer or think there is only one
› Time-limited driven discussions
› One-person only at-a-time discussions
Movement towards:
› Collaboration
› Collective problem solving
› Complexity and uncertainty seen positively
NOSM East in Sudbury
Landscape of the North
Bearskin Airlines to travel in the North
Sweat Lodge in Thunder Bay
Volunteer in different parts of the world
Exposure to new cultures and customs
Exposure to international NGO’s and their
Solves the problem when there is no money
for new ideas or ideas have not been proven
to cause success yet
Get’s your name out in the field when paid
opportunities emerge
Get experience with the ideas affecting the
Leading in the knowledge society means
becoming a knowledge builder.
 Knowledge building should be taught to
all learners in every discipline at any
point in their life.
 Knowledge Building theory and
pedagogy holds great merit.
 It is something the individual (personal
knowledge) and society (community
knowledge) can benefit from.