Smoking Policy Review Committee

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Transcript Smoking Policy Review Committee

Committee Request
November 4, 2014
◦ Smoking prohibited within 20 feet from the entrance to residence halls.
Smoking allowed in offices.
◦ Policy revised to prohibit smoking 20 feet from all buildings. 100%
smoke-free in all university owned housing. Sale of tobacco products on
campus is eliminated.
◦ Healthy Campus proposes a smoke-free campus.
◦ Policy adopted allows smoking in designated outdoor areas only.
◦ U.S. Department of Health and Human Services requests colleges and
universities review their policies and consider establishing tobacco free
◦ President’s Council approves opening the review of the policy on smoking.
Meetings initiated in Fall 2013
Comprised of 25 members including faculty,
staff, students, smokers and nonsmokers
Spent past year reviewing the literature,
speaking with experts in the field and
Reducing exposure to secondhand smoke
Reducing the prevalence of tobacco use
Increasing the number of tobacco users who
Reducing the initiation of tobacco use among
young people
Reducing tobacco-related morbidity and
Reducing healthcare costs
1478 U.S. colleges and universities now have
smoke-free policies
◦ 976 are tobacco free
◦ 91% increase in smoke-free, 74% increase in
tobacco-free policies in the last two years
Four universities in the U.S. News and World
Report 2015 Top 25 National Universities are
smoke-free or tobacco-free
◦ Six others have medical/health school campuses
which are smoke-free or tobacco-free
85% of undergraduates reported no nicotine
use in past 30 days
◦ 12% used cigarettes or other tobacco (mean 8.3
◦ 3% used e-cigarettes
87% of graduate students reported no
nicotine use in the past 30 days
◦ 12% used cigarettes (mean 12.1 days)
◦ 1% used e-cigarettes
Smoking was associated with increased class
level in undergraduates
40% of undergraduates report trying to quit
or planning to quit
79% of graduates report trying or planning to
Consistent with community values for
environmental sustainability and respect for
others who live and work here
Eliminates cigarette butts from littering our
Eliminates costs associated with cleaning
cigarette litter and maintaining 34 designated
smoking areas
Community discussions focused on “when”
and “how” rather than “if”
Exploring support strategies to assist
smokers who want or need to quit
The President’s and the ALC’s support for the
Committee to initiate campus conversations
with campus constituencies and governing
bodies to inform the creation of a tobacco
free campus policy
◦ Including an implementation timeline to effect this
change in concert with relevant policy review
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