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UM is Tobacco Free
Students’ Guide to
Tobacco Free UM Policy #406.1
– Effective August 28, 2011
– “The University of Montana prohibits tobacco use in or on property owned,
leased, or used for specific events by the University or any of its components.”
– “The Office of Public Safety has the responsibility to enforce this policy. “
– “Members of the community should report persistent violators to the Director
of Human Resource Services and the Dean of Students for appropriate
personnel policy or student conduct code action.”
The Role of Public Safety
– Officers will request compliance in a non-confrontational
manner that does not include a stop
– Respond to complaints of persistent violators
– May report students repeatedly in violation to the Dean of
– May report employees repeatedly in violation to Human
Resources or Supervisors
The Role of UM Students
Please follow the Tobacco Free UM policy
Remind others about the policy
Don’t litter cigarette butts on or off campus
Report problem areas on campus to the UM Tobacco Task Force
by visiting the Tobacco Free UM website
– File a compliant if you know of persistent violations by an
individual using the Tobacco Free UM website
– Want to help create a Tobacco Free environment? Visit the
Tobacco Free UM website and click on the compliance crew link
What do you say to someone who is smoking on campus?
It can be intimidating, but remember that most tobacco users want to quit.
Try the SMOKE approach:
SMILE and introduce yourself
MAKE THE ASSUMPTION that they do not know about the policy and
tell them about it
OFFER the person cessation help at Curry Health Center or FacultyStaff Wellness
KINDLY remind them of the policy
ENFORCE the policy by asking them to dispose of their tobacco
What can smokers do while on campus?
– UM does not require that anyone quit using tobacco, but
in order to provide a clean and safe academic environment
with access for all, UM has decided to go tobacco free.
– There are many over-the-counter nicotine/tobacco
replacements available. Many are the same price or less
than cigarettes themselves.
– Use the “Good Neighbor Zones”
– We encourage those who do not want to quit to create a
plan for coping while on campus. Refer to the Create a
Plan for Compliance document for some helpful tips.
What Resources are available to students who
want to quit?
– Curry Health Center
• Quit smoking/chewing kits
• Counseling through CAPS
– Montana QuitLine
A comprehensive list of resources can be found at