Presentation on the BVVK investment committee

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Transcript Presentation on the BVVK investment committee

BVVK Investment Committee
• About the BVVK
• Portfolio
• Become a member
About the BVVK
We invest with real money, our own money
We invest in Stocks, Bonds and Derivatives
Our portfolio is worth around €10,000
During meetings we propose to sell or buy
• We decide democratically on all proposals
• We keep the profits we make!
Our returns
• Excel sheet, updated weekly by the treasurer
The actual assets
we own
Do we beat
the AEX??
• Every member has
an individual return,
depending on the
moment when he or
she became member
of the BVVK
• Weekly profit is
divided among
Individual retun
Become a member
No financial knowledge necessary, you come to learn!
• Initial investment of €50,• Monthly investment of €15,• You receive your investment + profit back when you quit
• Monthly activity contribution of €4,Meetings: every once in two weeks on Monday
Please feel welcome to join any time!
E-mail us on: [email protected]
BVVK Investment Committee
Thank you for your attention
Website: or
E-mail: [email protected]