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Transcript E-Invoice Tutorial - eValidate LLC. eInvoice

E-Invoice Tutorial
E-Invoice is currently
ONLY for the
submission of Capital
and Tooling PO’s for
the U.S. , Canada and
Mexico(only FIS). All
other invoices should
be processed as
All new invoices
must be submitted
Paper copies of the
invoice will no
longer be required
to be mailed to
Home Screen/ My Invoices
Here you can view your invoices. If you click on
the PO or invoice number you can view a hard
copy of the document.
By changing the status from pending to paid or
rejected, you can view these invoices as well.
Submitting an Invoice
Enter invoice number.
Select a PO number
referencing the invoice.
Once a PO is selected
the details will appear
Enter the invoice value
per line item.
You are not allowed to
submit an invoice if the
invoice value is greater
then the net order
Due to our terms and conditions, each invoice line
item must have the required documentation before
it can be submitted.
All line items not marked optional must be attached.
Final Submission
Once the documentation is
attached, attach the invoice.
Insert any additional
comments you might have.
Then click “Send invoice to
After, you will be taken back
to home screen and be able
to see the invoice you just
More Evidence
If an approver needs more information
to approve an invoice, you will receive
an e-mail from E-Invoice.
The e-mail will contain a link where
you can upload the additional
documents to, as well as advise you
what documents are needed.
Receiving a Purchase Order
You can view your purchase orders in “My Purchase Order” tab.
When a new PO is issued to you, you will receive an email.
Click the link in the email to view the issued PO.
Then click the PO number to confirm acceptance.
For any questions for invoices related to:
-Faurecia Interior:
[email protected]
-Faurecia Seating:
[email protected]
[email protected]
For technical support:[email protected]