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E-Safety for Parents
Hywel Stayte
Associate Leader: ICT & E-Learning
Text Speak!
• How much do you know?
• Pupils VS Parents
• See if you can identify as many of the different
text abbreviations as you can
What does it mean?
Laugh Out Loud
Parent Over Shoulder
Be Right Back
Got To Go
At The Moment
Oh My God
By The Way
Objectives of this session
• Raise awareness of the potential risks of life
• Provide you with tips for online safety at
The Need for this presentation!!
Bridging the gap of knowledge around the internet
The Gulf of Internet
One Click From Danger
• One Click Part 2
• This is a short clip from a Panorama episode
where the researchers have put a fake account
on the internet to see what happens
Risks of using the internet & new technologies
• Paedophiles use the internet to meet young people
• People lying to others online
• Bullying using the internet (Cyberbulling)
• Seeing inappropriate images and material
• Viruses and pop ups
• Sexting
Benefits of the internet
• Educational games and programmes
• Research information
• The opportunity to communicate with people from all around the world
• The opportunity to share resources and ideas with people that have the
same interests
• Shopping around the world without leaving your computer
Our Advice to you
• Know what your children are doing online
• Ask them to teach you to use any applications
• Keep the computer in a family room - this means you can keep more
control of what they do (i.e. Webcams)
• Learn how to check web history and engage with technology
Our Advice to you
• Help your children to understand that they should never give out personal
details to online friends - personal information includes:
– their messenger id
– email address
– mobile number and any pictures of themselves,
• If your child receives spam / junk email & texts, remind them never to
believe them, reply to them or use them.
• Help them to understand the risks of what could happen if they send a
picture of themselves to a boyfriend
• What is included:
– Instruction sheets on how to make facebook &
twitter accounts private
– Instruction sheets on how to check web history
– Parents guide to technology link
– Britannica’s Guide to e-Safety
Parents guide to technology
Thank you for listening.
Any Questions?
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