Scott Mini-SA CO Detector

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Basic Operation of
the Scott Mini-SA
Portable Gas
Scott Mini-SA Portable Gas
To Turn on the Unit: Press either of the two gray buttons on the bottom of
the unit. The unit will beep three times and initialize itself.
The screen will show a PPM CO display, a battery strength icon, and a menu
selector icon.
Strength Icon
Alarming: The unit alarms for carbon monoxide only!! It will alarm
for short term acute exposure and longer term chronic exposure. The
alarm limits are preset at the factory. They can be changed by using
the menu function but this should be done by administrative staff
only. Do not make changes to settings without permission!!!!!!!!!
To Zero Calibrate the Unit: The unit should be auto zero calibrated in
fresh air prior to entering a possible CO atmosphere. To auto zero calibrate,
press the button below the menu icon.
Menu Button
Then press the button below the auto zero display. The unit will auto zero
calibrate in 3 seconds.
Auto Zero Display
To Turn off the Unit: If the screen has blanked into the power saving
mode, press either button to refresh the screen. To turn off the unit, hold
both bottom buttons simultaneously until the unit beeps 3 times and a
display appears asking if you want to turn off the unit.
Press the button under the Yes display.
Replacing Batteries: The unit requires two AAA batteries. Rechargeable
batteries should not be used. To replace batteries, access the Phillips
screw through the metal clip-on attachment. Loosen the screw and remove
the clip-on attachment and the battery door.
Warnings: The unit will display problems on the
screen, such as a warning that the unit needs gas
recalibration. If problems are displayed, take the
unit out of service and complete an A&E
Storage: The unit should be left in its plastic
bag and storage box in the “off” position. A
complete users’ manual is available in each
Review PFD
SOG 2-8 for