CH: 25 URBANIZATION - Scheidler AP US Block

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Transcript CH: 25 URBANIZATION - Scheidler AP US Block

CH 25: America Moves to the City 1865-1900

CH: 25 URBANIZATION I. LEARNING TARGETS: A. I can discuss why people were drawn to the cities, and how the cities adapted.

B. I can describe why there was a new wave of immigrants and why they were different from previous waves. C. I can explain the progressive actions to help immigrants, and minorities and the idea of “the New Morality.” D. I can respond to questions regarding changes in education, literature and the arts during this time.

CH: 25 URBANIZATION II. The Urban Frontier: A. Changes in commuting.

B. Changes in Architecture.

C. What about those who can’t afford to commute?

CH: 25 URBANIZATION III. The Second Wave of Immigrants Arrives: A. Why are things different this time?

B. America as “Melting Pot.”

CH: 25 URBANIZATION IV. Reactions to the New Immigration: A. Political and Economic Reaction.

B. Social and Cultural Reaction.

Jane Addams and Hull House

CH: 25 URBANIZATION V. The Media and Morality A. The March of the Mind.

B. The Appeal of the Press.

CH: 25 URBANIZATION VI. Improvements in Higher Education.

A. The Lust for Learning B. Booker T. Washington and Education for Black People C. The Hallowed Halls of Ivy. D. The March of the Mind.

CH: 25 URBANIZATION VII. Social Changes for Women and Family: A. Women in the City.

B. Women’s Suffrage C. Temperance

CH: 25 URBANIZATION VIII. Cultural Changes: A. Literature B. Art C. Amusement