Creating A Test Answer Key

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Transcript Creating A Test Answer Key

Creating A Quick Test Key
In eduphoria! Aware
(To score tests created outside the system
for grading and/or analysis purposes)
If your test has no numeric response
or open-ended questions follow
instructions on slide 11, skip 12.
If your test has numeric or openended response(s), skip slide 11
and follow instructions on slide 12.
At this point, if you intend to be able to analyze
the student test data that is gathered by the
answer sheets of this Test Key, you must link
the answers on the Test Key to the respective
STAAR/TAKS Objectives and SEs that you
desire to see on the ‘Analyze’ tab.
Slides 22 through 33 provide guidance on how
to attach Learning Standards, Student
Expectations (SEs), and STAAR or TAKS
Objectives to your Test Key answers. You may
link any or all of these analysis items to your
If you do not intend to analyze the data, but
only need a test score, you may skip slides
22 – 33.
At this point, using the directions on slides 22 –
33, you may set whatever combination of
Learning Standards, SEs, and STAAR or TAKS
objectives you desire for the remainder of the
questions on your Quick Test Answer Key.
Once all of your questions are set the way you
want, you may continue.
Slides 35-44 demonstrate how to add numeric
response or constructed response answers to
your test key. If you do not need to add these
type of questions/answers skip to slide 45.
Once your test key is complete, you
must then return to your ‘Analyze
Tab’ to select the test and assign it
to a class – so that you can print
answer sheets for that class.
Standard Answer Sheet on blank paper
This one
has questions
#2 and #4 that
are constructed
responses. They
were added at
bottom and
moved up into
Once plain paper answer sheets are printed and
the test is given. The bar code at the bottom
of the answer sheets allow them to be
scanned in by a compatible scanner.
Teachers then, online, grade any hand-scorable
questions and the bubble questions are
scored against the Test Key.
Results are maintained in the software and are
able to be analyzed, if Objectives and/or SEs
were linked to questions.