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Coordinating Course of Study & Assessment to Meet Graduation Requirements Presented by Special Education Secondary Programs February 2009

Review of Fall 2008 Special Education Highlights • Curriculum Information • Scheduling: Transition Planning • Monitoring, Recording & Reporting Student Progress • Graduation & Implementation of SB 673 • Academic Achievement Record • Utilizing the Course Options Strands • Decisions that impact student’s academic future

Next Steps:

• Graduation Supplement • Graduation Course Options • Assessment Options • Assessment Criteria • Assessment Samples – TAKS – TAKS-Modified • Planning a Coherent Course of Study

Course Options: High School

Course Options: Middle School

Impact of Assessment Options



Grade Math Sample


TAKS Sample 7


Grade Reading



Grade Reading Sample

AYP Performance Standards

Documenting Assessment on the AAR

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • In the TEA Correspondence: July 15, 2008 TO THE ADMINISTRATOR ADDRESSED: RE: 2008 Minimum Standards for the Academic Achievement Record (i) Required Exit Level Assessments (TEC §39 Subchapter B) Follow the appropriate directions below: (1) Enter the month and year the student passed each of the TAKS exit exams. The entries must be supported in the student's permanent records by test labels or an electronic data file from the test evaluation contractor. All test results must be included on the AAR and must be furnished for each student transferring to another school district, charter school, or private school (19 TAC §101.81). Use the standard PEIMS numerical date format of MM/CC/YY.

(2) Enter the month and year the student completed alternate assessment requirements as determined appropriate through ARD committee decision.

Alternate assessment requirements must be specified in the student’s IEP and maintained with the student’s permanent records (19 TAC §101.7(c)).

This can also be found on page 90 of the General Information Bulletin. Therefore if a special education student takes the TAKS or the TAKS Accommodated and the ARD states the student will be graduating under Option b)1 they must follow (i)(1) and the AAR must enter the month and year the student passed each of the TAKS exit exams.

If a special education student graduates under option (b)(2), (c) or (d) then the AAR must follow (i)(2) and enter the month and year the student completed the alternate assessment but they do not have to state passed or failed.

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