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Birmingham Science City
Andrew Todd
Advantage West Midlands
Birmingham Science City vision:
Birmingham Science City will develop and
use science and technology to improve the
prosperity and quality of life of the city, the
West Midlands and the UK.
Quality of Life as a Driver ….
A major focus for public sector delivery (and business opportunity)
Science, technology and innovation can provide new opportunities
and solutions to major challenges and reduce costs
Develop demonstrators to showcase new applications of technology
and reduce procurement risks
Public purchasing power can be used to catalyse commercial
Quality of Life and prosperity can go hand-in-hand
What are science cities about?
Science & technology – world class research and translational expertise
Infrastructure – connecting to investments
Business – new products & services, inward investment
Market demand – showing what can be done, winning contracts for
innovative businesses
Skills & attitudes – capable people in science and wider perception in the
general public
Place – building on the skills, capabilities, history and drive of the West
Science & technology
£45M investment in Birmingham-Warwick Universities
Building on investment in new infrastructure
Opportunities for innovative businesses
Market Demand
Applying technology to public sector challenges
Skills & attitudes
Communicating and engaging with citizens
Birmingham Science City activities
Investment in research infrastructure and
Demonstration activities
Engagement, communications and awareness
Investment in research facilities
– Hydrogen (creation, storage & applications)
– Energy efficiency (buildings & vehicles)
 Translational Medicine
– Clinical trials and bio-repository
 Advanced Materials
– Creation, characterisation, simulation,
 IT Infrastructure
Science City demonstrators: objectives
Innovation platform
– Creating partnerships
– Basis for future funding
Developing new markets
– Reducing risk in public procurement, showcasing new technology
– Identifying routes to market/business models
Flagship for the region and regional business
– Case studies of technology strengths
Engage with public
– Communicate excitement of science & technology – particularly children
– Understanding user-behaviour
Science City demonstrator themes
Innovative Healthcare
Digital & Wireless technologies
Low carbon
Current Science City demonstrator projects Healthcare
Ocular Allergy
Connecting the Academy of
Life Sciences (Aston
University) with the National
Pollen Research Unit
(University of Worcester) to
characterise treatments for eye
allergies and provide a
research base to optometrists
looking to develop their
© Scott Anderson cc-by-sa-2.0
Current Science City demonstrator projects –
Digital & Wireless
Second Life
Based at Coventry University’s
Serious Games Institute, this
project has connected businesses
with customers and users through
Second Life and held an
international conference virtually.
© Scott Anderson cc-by-sa-2.0
Current Science City demonstrator projects – Low
Intelligent low carbon vehicles
Birmingham and Coventry
Universities working with the city
councils to trial hydrogen
vehicles, improve hydrogen
infrastructure and connect
vehicles to digital technologies to
map their position and enhance
their use.
© Scott Anderson cc-by-sa-2.0
Future Science City demonstrator activities
Greater focus on quality of life challenges
Greater focus on major public sector investment
Create innovation platforms for further funding
applications (TSB etc) and regional businesses
Include security
Future Science City demonstrator activities
Demonstration of new technology applied to the new
University Hospital Birmingham
Demonstration of i-health technology in new markets
and meeting new challenges
Competition around low carbon building technologies
Digital technologies for improved transport
Science City Communications & Engagement
Recognition of the West Midlands as
a leading technology region
Engagement with the public
through events and press
STEM skills for future scientists
Thank you