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AKC Parent Club
Public Education
More education. Less legislation.
Public Education Department
Larry Sorenson, director
Theresa Shea, editor
Joanne Beacon Tribble, administrator
[email protected]
Today’s Presentation...
AKC Resources &
Parent Club PEC
New PEC programs
AKC Multi-club
Educational Match
Public Education Mission Statement
Bring the joy and excitement of purebred dogs to their
communities by making presentations and coordinating
public education programs, activities and events for their
clubs that teach responsible dog ownership.
Promote the benefits of purebred
dogs and AKC registration as well
as participation in AKC events
and programs.
Encourage fellow club members
to participate in public education
The Public Education Network
Public Education
Public Education
Canine Ambassadors
General Public
Public Education in Action
Many different kinds of activities
can serve to educate people.
 Education booths
 Donations (to shelters, libraries,
 Classes for first time dog owners
 Websites
 “Meet the Breeds”
 “A Day in the Park with Your Breed”
 Breeder referral
AKC & YOU working together to promote...
dog ownership
The joy of purebred dogs
The canine-human bond
The value of AKC
 More
 Less legislation.
Available Resources
Brochures and booklets
Books and posters
Teaching Kits (Best Friends,
Safety Around Dogs)
Downloadables (Reproducibles)
Community Achievement Awards
AKC Certificate of Appreciation
Website: Public Education section
w/ printable resources, newsletters,
lesson plans and Kids’ Corner
How do we put AKC
Resources in the Public’s Hands?
Public Education Coordinators and
Canine Ambassadors
We depend on you!
AKC Support for PECs
material kits – Order by phone, fax, or
e-mail, please order 6 weeks in advance.
Why own a purebred dog?
Predictability of appearance and
 Network of support: Breeders, Clubs,
and AKC
 Tradition of function
 Knowledge of health
issues (CHF & CHIC)
 AKC DNA: Maintaining
the registry’s integrity
Canine-human bond
It is real
You and I know all
about it.
We need to
communicate this
Let people tell you
about their dog.
The American Kennel Club
Parent Club PECs
Promote your breed
 Educate the public of the breed’s virtues
 History of the breed
 What it’s like to live with the breed
 What makes this breed different
 Who should or should not own one
 Be realistic. Don’t over do it.
Communicate to the public
Web sites
 Meet the breeds
 Dog day in the park
 Special brochures about the breed
 Shows and matches
 AKC Parent Club Flyer Program
Flyer distribution
made available on the web
mailed out with the registration
Parent Club provides the material,
the art work and the flyer may
be updated at any time.
Future of the PEC Program
Education must start early!
Canine Ambassadors
Educate children about responsible dog ownership
and safety around dogs.
Possible presentations:
 Schools and after-school
 4H Clubs
 Girl & Boy Scouts
 Libraries
 Summer camps
 Many new opportunities
Share with us!
Share your successes and
concerns so we can share
with others.
Let us know your ideas.
 Public Education
Corner newsletter
 Kids’ Corner
 Canine Ambassador mailings
 AKC Certificates of Appreciation
 Community Achievement
Awards (for more info go
Send to: [email protected]
New PEC program enhancements
Booth kit
Certificate of Appreciation
PEC Kit Feedback Form
PEC Booth poster
PEC Booth Box Kit
4’ X 4’ AKC
logo banner
Table runner
with AKC logo
Literature rack
Certificate of Appreciation
Given to clubs and
club members who
have successfully
promoted purebred
dogs and responsible
dog ownership
through public
education programs
and activities.
PEC Poster
2’ X 3’ poster
Contains pictures of
AKC events and acts
of responsible dog
Customize poster by
adding club’s name.
PEC Kit Feedback Form
Tell us your thoughts
on the amount and
type of materials we
supply for your shows.
Fill out, fold and mail
to us.
AKC Educational Match
Spreading the Word About AKC Events
AKC Educational Match
First one held in Raleigh, NC
June 16, Hillsboro, OR
Sept 29, Clinton, NJ
New concept to attract new people
Greeters and Event Entry Tables
Need for AKC Educational Match
Matches were a way to learn and meet
a mentor
 Matches were on week ends
 New exhibitors may find dog shows
confusing and intimidating.
 We need to help educate and
welcome new exhibitors into the
Sport of Dogs.
AKC Educational Match Goals
Introduce and recruit newcomers to the sport
Provide new dog owners the opportunity to
explore AKC events and meet local clubs
Provide education and ring practice in a
nurturing atmosphere
Present opportunity for participating clubs to
gain new members
Mentor new exhibitors to increase their
involvement and participation
Provide opportunity for multiple clubs to meet
compliance requirements for matches or
educational programs
How Can You Hold Similar
Matches in Your Areas?
Invite a superintendent
Show vendors for supplies
AKC Support
Partner with a cluster of clubs (all-breed obedience,
agility, group, and specialty) for staffing, logistics, and
Invite local grooming and training businesses
E-mail clubs in the local area
E-mail new dog registrants in the area of your match
Provide signage with AKC logos
Publicity Examples
Typical Event Schedule
 Presentations
show basics training and
 Club Opportunities
Meeting potential members
Mentoring new exhibitors
Grooming Seminar
Handling Tips
Typical Event Schedule
 Match
All day
 Obedience/Rally Run-through
 CGC Evaluations
 Booths
 Clubs
 Vendors
 Superintendent
Answer questions and
provide opportunity to get on the mailing list
and enter upcoming shows
Obedience Run-through
Rally Run-through
Parent Clubs
Encourage the specialty clubs to get
Less popular breed, directly encourage
your membership to help
 The
key to success is the
mentoring that will come from
the specialty clubs
Agility Demonstration
Today’s Presentation...
AKC Resources &
Parent Club PEC
New PEC programs
AKC multi-club
Educational Match