Breeder of Merit Program

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"Courtesy St. Hubert's Giralda."
Recognizing Breeders
 Pay
 Differentiate
 Enhance Status
 Reinforce Our Partnership
 Promote The Fancy
What Do We Get?
Online Record Support
Free OBC
Acknowledgement On Website And In
Free Secondary Transactions
Free Online Reports
AKC Direct
Lapel Pin
What Does It Cost To Belong To
The Program?
How do I Qualify?
AKC Events
Titled Dogs Bred
Club Membership
Health Screenings
Retain Puppies In The Registry
Pilot Program
 Subject
 Adjust
To Change
Requirements And
How Do I Get Involved?
We Need Your Input
We Need Your Ideas!
Tina Yuhl [email protected] 919–816–3932
Mari-Beth O’Neil [email protected] 919–816-3594
David Roberts [email protected] 919-816-3672