Words for Production Words for Recognition Idioms and Phrases Word Smart 1. toss [tOs] vt.

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Transcript Words for Production Words for Recognition Idioms and Phrases Word Smart 1. toss [tOs] vt.

Words for Production
Words for Recognition
Idioms and Phrases
Word Smart
1. toss [tOs] vt. to throw a coin into
the air and decide something by
guessing which side the coin will
fall on 擲 (硬幣) 決定
Katie and her sister tossed a coin
to decide who should take the
trash out.
toss [tOs] n. [C] 擲 (硬幣) 決定
The toss of a coin decided who
would use the computer first.
2. meanwhile [`min&hwaIl] adv.
at the same time 同時,期間
I’ll prepare a simple meal for us.
Meanwhile, you can set the table.
3. toast [tost] vt. to raise a glass of
wine in the air and drink wine to
show one’s admiration or good
wishes 祝酒,乾杯
At the party, all the guests stood
up and toasted Alice’s birthday
with wine.
toast [tost] n. [C] 祝酒,乾杯
The guests drank a toast to the
newlyweds at the wedding banquet.
4. blessed [`blEsId] adj. making
someone grateful or happy 令人
The newlyweds looked at each
other without saying a word.
They were enjoying a few
moments of blessed silence.
bless [blEs] vt. 對…感激;保佑
Mother Teresa devoted herself to
helping the poor, and people
blessed her for her kindness.
May God bless you and give you
the courage to realize your dream.
blessing [`blEsI9] n. [U] (上帝的)
賜福;[C] 福氣
The bishop gave God’s blessing to
the people in the church.
It was a blessing that we had such
nice weather for the picnic. We
were very lucky.
5. opposite [`Ap1zIt] adj. on the
other side of something, often
facing it; as different as possible
Tom saw his friend standing on the
opposite side of the road, so he
walked across the road to talk to him.
Red is an energetic color that can
excite people, while green has the
opposite effect and can calm people.
opposite [`Ap1zIt] prep. 在對面
Bob took a seat opposite Polly so
that he could sit facing her.
opposite [`Ap1zIt] n. [C]
Darkness and daylight are
6. stream [strim] vi. to flow or
come out in great amounts
Tears streamed down Anna’s
cheeks as she read the touching
stream [strim] n. [C]
(氣體或液體等的) 流動;
Nick bumped his nose against the wall
and then flood began to flow from his
nose in a steady stream.
There is a stream in front of my
grandparents’ house. We used to swim
there in our childhood.
7. wipe [waIp] vt. to remove liquid
or dirt from a surface 擦拭
Jamie wiped her wet hands with
a towel after doing the dishes.
8. cheek [tSik] n. [C] either of the
two soft sides of the face below
the eyes 臉頰
The French man kissed his
friend on both cheeks in greeting.
9. glance [Gl8ns] vi. to look at
something or someone quickly
The shy girl glanced at the boy
she liked for a second and then
looked away quickly.
glance [Gl8ns] n. [C]
Even with just a casual glance, the
artist could tell that the painting
was by Pablo Picasso.
10. destroy [dI`strOI] vt. to
damage something so badly that
it can’t be returned to its normal
state 毀壞,破壞
All the buildings in the area
were destroyed by the massive
destruction [dI`str^kS1n] n. [U]
The crash caused serious
destruction to the car; it
can no longer be used.
11. delicate [`dEl1k1t] adj. thin,
graceful and having a beautiful
shape; easily broken or damaged
Look at the delicate fingers of the
pianist; they are long and thin.
Please move the delicate glasses
carefully; they can be easily
12. bone [bon] n. [C] one of the
hard parts forming the frame
inside a human body 骨頭
Jimmy broke a bone in his arm
when he fell off his scooter.
13. smash [sm8S] vt.; vi. to break
(something) into pieces 打破,
Tom smashed the empty glass
bottle on the ground.
Kevin knocked over a plate, and
it smashed to pieces on the floor.
14. portrait [`portret] n. [C] a
painting, drawing, or photograph
of someone 肖像,畫像
The old lady had her portrait
painted by a famous artist.
15. entitle [In`taItL] vt. (usu.
passive) to give a title to a work,
such as a book, play or poem
Our school magazine is entitled
Sunflower because it shows our
hope for the future.
16. damage [`d8mIdZ] vt. To
harm someone or something
physically 損害,毀壞
The big fire damaged the
building so badly that it couldn’t
be repaired.
damage [`d8mIdZ] n. [U]
Smoking and drinking can do
serious damage to one’s health.
17. palm [pAm] n. [C] the
inside part of the hand
The fortune-teller is reading the
lady’s palm and trying to tell her
something about her future.
18. stretch [strEtS] vi.; vt. To
make parts of one’s body like
arms and legs as straight as
possible 伸展
In order not to injure
themselves, the players
stretched before the baseball
Before you go jogging, stretch
your arms and legs to warm up
your muscles.
19. touching [`t^tSI9] adj.
moving and making someone
feel emotional 動人的,感人的
Les Misérables was such a
touching story that it moved me
to tears.
touch [t^tS] vt. 感動,打動
We were touched by the movie
The Kite Runner and cried as
we watched it.
20. reminder [rI`maInd2] n. [C]
something that makes someone
remember or think about
something else 提醒物
The photo taken in front of the
Eiffel Tower is a pleasant
reminder of my visit to Paris
last year.
1. Nuremberg [`nj5r1m&b3G]
n. (德國) 紐倫堡
2. German [`dZ3m1n] adj.
德國 (人) 的;德語的;
n. [C] 德國人; [U] 德語
>> Germany [`dZ3m1nI] n. 德國
3. Albrecht Durer
the Elder
[`AlbrESt `d5r2 DI `Eld2] n.
4. mine [maIn] n. [C] 礦坑
5. Albrecht Durer
[`AlbrESt `d5r2] n. (1471-1528)
6. etching [`EtSI9] n. [C]
7. woodcut [`w5d&k^t] n. [C]
8. artwork [`Art&w3k] n. [U]
9. arthritis [Ar`TraItIs] n. [U]
10. watercolor [`wAt2&k^l2]
n. [C] 水彩畫
1. in turn: one after the other in
an agreed order 輪流
It is a long way from Taipei to
Kaohsiung, so we decide to
drive in turn.
2. let alone: to say that
something is even more
unlikely to happen 更不用說
I have been very busy doing
my work lately and have
hardly had time to sleep, let
alone take a vacation.
3. pay tribute to: to show
respect or admiration for someone
publicly 公開向 (某人) 致敬
Greenpeace, the famous
environmental organization,
paid tribute to the man for his
contribution to protect the
4. serve as: to have a
particular effect 有…的功用
The car accident served as
a warning to anyone who
has ever considered drunk
字尾 “-ous” 可以與名詞結合,
courage  courageous
danger  dangerous
fame  famous
humor  humorous
joy  joyous
poison  poisonous