Lecture1.1 (文型)

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• S – subject
• V – verb
• C – complement - (代)名詞、形容詞、またはそれらの
• O – object – (代)名詞、またはそれの役割を果たす語句
※M – modifier は文の要素にならない。
• 語数の多い文
• 単語レベルの高い文
• 倒置を含む文
• 省略を含む文
• 挿入を含む文
第一文型 (SV)
• He (S) cried (V). 「彼は泣いた」
• He (S) cried (V) a lot (M). 「彼はよく泣いた」
• He (S) cried (V) a lot (M) last night (M). 「彼は昨晩よ
第二文型 (SVC)
ルール - S=Cが成立
• This (S)is (V) my cousin, Ken (C).
• Korea (S) remained (V) a Japanese colony (C) until 1945
remain C「~のままである」
• Scientists (S) must keep (V) in touch (C) with the latest
research (M).
keep C 「~のままである」
※keep in touch with 「~を常に把握して」
• He (S) gets (V) angry (C) when hungry.
get C 「~になる」
• My company (S) has gone (V) bankrupt (C).
go C 「~になる」
• She (S) turned (V) pale (C) with fear (M). (ジーニアス英
turn C 「(変化して)~になる」
• Please (M) feel (V) free (C) to use my laptop (M).
feel C 「~の感じを覚える」
• He (S) looks (V) nervous (C).
look C 「~に見える」
stay, become, grow, taste, smell, sound, appear, seem etc.
第三文型 (SVO)
• I (S) like (V) her (O).
• Now (M) I (S) have (V) a book (O) with an orange
cover (M) in my bag (M).
第四文型 (SVO1O2)
ルール -
I (S) gave (V) her (O1) a book (O2). = I (S) gave (V)a book
(O2) to her (O1).
Show (V) me (O1) your new house (O2). =Show (V) your
new house (O2) to me (O1).
I (S) sent (V) him (O1)a letter (O2). =I (S) sent (V) a letter
(O2) to him (O1).
Tell (V) me (O1) the reason (O2). =Tell (V)the reason (O2) to
me (O1).
Teach (V) me (O1) English (O2). =Teach (V)English (O2) to
me (O1).
I (S) wrote (V) him (O1)a letter (O2). = I (S)wrote (V) a letter
(O2) to him (O1).
第四文型 (SVO1O2)
• I bought him a present. = I bought a present for him.
• She made me a scarf. = She made a scarf for me.
• I cooked her a stew. = I cooked a stew for her.
第五文型 (SVOC)
ルール - O=Cが成立
• He (S) made (V) me (O) furious (C).
make O C「OをCにする」
• Keep (V) the window (O) closed (C).
keep O C 「OをCのままにしておく」
• Children (O) are kept (V) too busy (C) with cram schools
and lessons (M) every day (M) after school (M). (会話作文
• Don’t leave (V) the door (O)open (C).
leave O C 「OをCのままにしておく」
第五文型 (SVOC)
• I (S) think [believe] (V) Michael Jackson(O) the best
singer (C) in the world (M).
think [believe] O C「OをCと思う。」
• The terrorist (O) was thought [believed] (V) dead (C).
• The suspect (O) was found (V)dead (C).
find O C 「OがCとわかる」
• I (S) found (V) it (O) difficult (C)to study alone.
• A man (O) is considered (V) innocent (C) until he (O) is
proved (V)guilty (C). (英和活用大辞典より引用)
consider O C「OをCとみなす」
prove O C「OがCであることを証明する」
第五文型 (SVOC)
call, name, get etc.