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Transcript Characteristics

Love Lyrics
expresses emotions or ideas that may
or may not be ideas of the poet/writer
#2-Figures of speech or
Personification- assigning “humanlike” characteristics to non-human
 “The angry wave held the tiny boat for a
fraction of a second before flinging it
against the rocks.”
Figures of speech Continued…
Simile -a literary device in which the
writer employs the words "like" or "as"
to compare two different ideas.
 “He flew like a dove.”
 “I am as bold as a lion.”
Figures of speech Continued…
Metaphor -similar to a simile; however,
this literary device makes a comparison
without the use of "like" or "as".
 “He has a hyena's laugh.”
#3-Specific Tone
 The general characteristic of a poem
such as dark, brooding, reminiscent,
longing, sad, joyful, silly, obsession, etc.
#4-Idea or theme
The general idea the speaker is trying
to convey
 Examples:
Love lost- heartbreak 
Love found- love at first sight 
Group Project
1. In your groups, choose one song from
the Lyrics brought to
2. Complete the Presentation worksheet
and decide how your Group will present
your Song to the class.
3. A volunteer needs to bring in the actual
song on CD.
Using the Lyrics to the song
your group chose, answer the
questions for each
Characteristic on the
worksheet. Give specific
examples from the lyrics for
each Characteristic. Be
prepared to present (5 min.) to
the rest of the class.