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Industrial locations
AL Questions (1988)
Explain why some processing ind.
are raw material oriented whilst
some others are market oriented.
What impact have advances in
technology had on the location of
these two types of industries?
AL Questions (1996)
With reference to regional examples,
explain how and why energy is
often an important factor in the
distribution of manufacturing
industry. How may technological
change influence the effect of
energy on location?
AL Questions (2000)
Due to technological innovation, especially in
information technology, industrial production
has become easier across international
With reference to the inputs of manufacturing
systems, describe how the advancement in
information technology may help to facilitate
cross-border production among different
countries. How has this trend of development
affected the location of manufacturing
AL Questions (2001)
Describe how Weber considers
labour as a factor affecting
industrial location. With reference to
a hi-tech industry, explain how the
factor of labour determines its
location pattern. Evaluate the
relative importance of other
locational factors in relation to an
industry of your choice.
AL Questions (2003)
An export-processing zone is a designated area
within a country, the purpose of which is to attract
export-oriented labour-intensive industries. The
governments of some countries also designate
high-technology areas in which preferential
treatments are offered exclusively to hightechnology industries.
Compare and contrast the labour requirements in
export-processing zones and high-technology
areas. With reference to a region specializing in
high-technology industries, discuss the locational
factors favourable for the development of these
Questions to discuss:
Discuss the nature and impact of
technological innovations on various
industrial location factors, e.g. raw
materials, energy, labour,
transport/communication, space & land.