Forward Thinking in Kansas That Empowers Licensees to be

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Transcript Forward Thinking in Kansas That Empowers Licensees to be

Forward Thinking in Kansas
That Empowers Licensees to
be an Active Partner
Joyce DeBolt, LMSW
Denise Gibson, MA
Discover common challenges as regulators
Explore personal perspectives and boundaries
Identify at least three strategies for success
Develop a personal plan to implement in their
History in Kansas
1989 - ACLU Lawsuit –
lack of adequate foster
February 1997 privatization of Foster
2003 –Stakeholder’s
meeting held to develop
hot topics.
June1992 – motion to
dismiss filed by Gov.
October 1996 privatization of
August 2003 -
June 1993 – settlement
July 1996- privatization
of Family Preservation
Best Team formed
March 2008 Regulations
Governor’s BEST Team
To craft the comprehensive strategy (including recruitment, retention,
and regulation) for managing the foster parent network that reaches
the vision set by the HHS Sub-Cabinet.
Working from the perspective of “what is in the best interest of the
child” ensure the child’s safety and well-being without creating
unnecessary bureaucratic barriers and inefficiencies.
Balance issues of protection and normalcy.
The foster parent network should be able to serve all children and
youth in need of services.
The management of the foster parent network (recruitment, retention
and regulation) should be continuously improved and stay
Focus Groups
Target audience was Foster parents, youth in care, SRS and private agencies
Facilitated by BEST team members
Roundtable format
Feedback on draft regulations was generated
BEST team reconvened, reviewed feedback and finalized version incorporating the
Regulation Development
Process Flow Chart
Planning &
Research by
KDHE and
Initial Draft
Review by Dept of
Administration for
edits in wording,
format and
grammar. Each
page needs
Draft goes back
and forth until
every page has
been approved
& stamped by
both agencies
Internal Program
Review by KDHE
Review by Attorney
General’s Office for
legal terminology
and statute
Revise Draft
Posting in the KS
Register (61 days) &
Public Hearing
During 61 day period,
draft presented for
comment to the Joint
Committee on Rules &
Regulations (legislature)
Review with
and receive
Public Hearing
including approval
by the Secretary
Draft is rewritten
based on feedback.
Changes go back
through Dept of
Admin and AG’s
Office for approval
Final Draft is filed with the
Secretary of State’s Office
Final version is published in
Kansas Register.
Regulation are implemented
15 days after publication
Balance use of
authority and
customer service
normalcy and
safety within the
family home.
Not allowing
personal bias
for regulators
and licensees
Challenges you face
• What are the challenges you see in your
Lessons Learned
Descriptive vs Prescriptive
regulations led to unintended
Exits for Space Used
for Living and
Medical Consent
Changes of Laws
You will be assigned the role of Licensor or Licensee.
In your small groups:
Assign a reporter/recorder and answer the following
How do you see me?
What do you expect of me?
What strengths/knowledge can I bring to the
You have approximately 10 minutes to generate your list.
How can both roles view licensing as a
partnership for success?
How can you take what you learned from this
activity and apply it to your current work/job?
The Value of Respect
One fundamental common denominator cuts across cultures,
nationalities, races and religions and that is respect. Regardless
of personality types, learning styles, orientation, strengths or
weaknesses, respecting our “licensees” transcends all
differences. Differences are the basis for judgments, separation
and prejudice, and judgments are the cancer cells of
Respect allows for difference.
Respect is
accepting others as they are without wanting them to be more
like you. If you respect people, then you honor their areas of
expertise, competence, preferences and strengths as well as
their shortcomings. In this fashion, you empower them with a
sense of positive self-regard, or self-esteem.
Cherie Carter-Scott PhD
Author, Negaholics and the Corporate Negaholic Chairman of the Board, The MMS Institute
Seek Educational Opportunities
• For Licensing staff
• For Licensees
Research Best Practice Standards
Utilize Workgroups
Encourage Use of Guidance Materials
Implement Communication and Feedback Loop
Strategies continued
Host Partner or Stakeholder Meetings
Arrange for shadowing
Attend Foster Parent Pre-service Panels or Support Groups
Identify Strategies for Managing Passion
Be Mindful of Parallel Process
Respect Uniqueness, Standard Practice and Cultural Values
Personal Plan
Do your state
regulations mirror
your state’s values?
If not what steps can
you take to build what
you have to support
your caregiver.
How can you focus on
quality of care?
What are some
strategies that you can
do within your level of
If we are together nothing is
impossible. If we are divided
all will fail.
Winston Churchill
This material was developed by the presenters. The
PowerPoint and handouts were not externally
reviewed for form or content therefore the statements
within reflect the views of the authors and should not
be considered the official position of the Kansas
Department of Health and Environment.