Where You Live

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Where You Live
Chapter 38
Page 595
Human Needs
• Housing fulfills humans basic needs.
• What are needs?
• Physical Needs
• Emotional Needs
• Social Needs
Emotional Needs
Physical Needs
What effects your housing choices?
Family Size
Family changes
Special needs
Environmental Concerns
Rhonda's personal living space was
invaded when her
• A.
Brother asked to borrow her tennis racket.
• B.
Father knocked on the bedroom door before entering.
• C.
Mother asked Rhonda to put away her own clothes.
• D.
Sister went through her clothes drawer to borrow some
sister, LaToya. What can she learn
that will assist her with other
• A.
Appreciation of furniture
• B.
Consequences of being homeless
• C.
Importance of traffic patterns
• D.
Responsibility for shared space
Everyone needs space for him/herself and his/her
belongings. What is this space called?
• A.
• B.
• C.
• D.
Sally and Nicole, both high school students, must share a
bathroom. They both want to use the bathroom at the
same times. How can they BEST solve this problem?
• A.
Divide the bathroom in half
• B.
Plan a schedule for use
• C.
Remove the door so they can use it together
• D.
Set a 5 minute time limit for use
Eight people live in the Smith's three bedroom
home. What potential problem do they have?
Not enough private space
Not enough shared space
Too much individual space
Too much private space
Sharing Space
• Everyone has to share space. It’s a part of life.
In a family everyone shares common areas.
• Many teens share a bedroom with one or
more siblings.
• If you have ever shared a room you have
probably learned that conflict can occur.
Furniture Arrangments
• Arranging furniture may offer a solution.
Before selecting furniture think about what you
need and what you already have. If your
budget is limited check out flea markets,
consignment shops, ect.
• When choosing furniture for a room choose
styles that have a similar feel. Every piece of
furniture doesn’t have to match exactly.
• Traffic patterns are paths peple use to get
from one area or room to anoher.
Jeremy must squeeze past a chair to get to the dresser
in his bedroom. If he moved this chair, what would he
• A.
• B.
• C.
Scaled floor plan
• D.
Traffic pattern
Which is a traffic pattern?
• A.
Extra attic space
• B.
Paths to the neighbors' house
• C.
Paths used through the house
• D.
Space in the garage for cars
• Using a floor plan given to you.discuss and
explain the floor plan with classmates and/or
teacher. Color the rooms that are shared with
one color and the rooms that are personal
with another color.
• Using the classified section of a local newspaper
and/or a local real estate magazine, locate two or
three appropriate homes for a specific family
described to you by your teacher (ex.: An elderly
couple, a two parent family with two
preschoolers, a single parent with three
teenagers). Write about each home and explain
what kind of space (shared or personal) is most
needed for the family. Recommend your choice
for this family. Explain decisions to the class.