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What can
do to become
your best partner?
, one of the leaders in the
global leather furniture industry.
Our proprietary manufacturing
technologies and craftsmanship
philosophy blend to create
a unique approach to perfection
in the quality of high fashion,
hand-made furniture.
's professional team, led by
our founder Yuhua Gu, has powered
the explosive growth of the company
onto the international furniture scene.
is a world-class
We make furniture for people around
the world, carefully considering
the varying tastes, sizes, proportions
and seating comfort desired in
each of the global markets.
's customer-partners enjoy
quick and reliable deliveries,
outstanding quality and designs
which set them apart from their
competition, that makes satisfying
consumers a true pleasure.
product collections
leather collection
A European contemporary design
fabric collection
A flavor of Southern French Beach
transitional collection
A combination of design and comfort
Raw materials
Leather: Processed on raw hides
ONLY from Europe, America and
Australia. Select the premium
finished leather from renowned
tanneries like Priante, Gherber and
Gruppo Mastrotto. Available in top
grain & matching split, hair-on hides,
bycast, bonded & pu bycast, and pvc,
totally more than 175 choices in one
of the industry’s broadest ranges of
colors, textures, finishes and
Fabric: Available in Microfiber,
Chenille, Silk, Matlasse, etc. in a
broad range of colors and textures,
offering over 86 choices.
Wood: Frame made of larch, and
trim made of yellow poplar produced
in US.
Foam: High resilience foam are
applied to the sofa at 6 different
densities to make sure the comfort
and strength.
Begin with a quality design, brought
to life by expert sample makers,
followed by stringently imposed
production techniques utilizing the
best available materials, and a
quality product will leave the factory.
Key Belief
Quality is not an accident; it is only
the result of intelligent efforts.
This is the key belief within the
family that leads us to success.
We make products that allow families
to gather, people to relax, friends to
chat in total comfort.
We become a key element in our
consumers' daily lives. We become a
part of your family, just as you
become part of ours. We do not take
this responsibility lightly.
invests tremendous resources
in product research and development.
Product Research &
Design Center is staffed by 20
talented designers, 18 prototypists,
18 technicians, and 3 costing experts,
who are responsible for product
sampling and testing, material
selection and measurement, quality
assurance, cost effectiveness
and production efficiency.
An average of 50 new design
proposal drawings are created here
each day.
Innovative product design using
the world’ s top freelance product
designers from Italy, France,
Germany, Japan, the United States
and United Kingdom.
To date,
has received more
than 200 furniture design awards.
To protect our creativity, 573 models
have been patented.
Fair–Las Vegas
Global retail chain
Asia's largest upholstery retail chain
with over 1,000
shops in China and worldwide,
aiming at serving
tens of thousands of successful
families around the world.
Following successful opening stores
in the local markets, 550 new stores
are expected to open globally in