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Ming Dynasty
The Rise of the Ming
 The Yuan Dynasty (The Mongols) were disliked so
much that the rise of the Ming was unavoidable = The
Yuan lost the Mandate of Heaven according to the
ancient Chinese
 The Ming dynasty would be known for their interactions
with Europe, eventual disconnection from trade, and
their stable rule.
Ming Rulers
 Zhu Yuan Zhang aka Hongwu was the 1st Ming
emperor. Believed in Confucian beliefs. Took away the
class divisions of Kublai Khan. Ruled harshly as a
despot=wanted ALL the power. He allowed poorer
people to move up in government by getting more
 Chu Ti aka Yongle was the 3rd emperor and a warrior
ruler and he took power by civil war (civil war is where
two groups in the same country go to war). He moved
the capital to Beijing and ordered buildings to be built
(Forbidden City) and linked the Huang He and
Yangtze Rivers in China.
Ming Rulers and Zheng He
 Yongle wanted to explore beyond the borders of China so he
asked Zheng He (military leader and diplomat) to travel and
find places China could take over.
 Zheng He went on 7 voyages to collect tribute and expand
trade from nearby areas on massive ships with over 28,000
 Zheng He went to places like Japan, India, SE Asia, and the
Persian Gulf. When Zheng He died ALL trade came to a STOP!
 China stopped building his massive ships because it was too expensive
 The Chinese also believed they were the best so they didn’t need to go
and explore other societies that were beneath them and wanted to
maintain the Chinese culture. This isolationist thinking would make the
Chinese weak.
PAUSE Go to Page 3 of 8 in
 Watch the Forbidden City video
 Come back and jot down 3 notable facts about the
Forbidden City, include why it was built.
The Ming and Trade
 The Ming traded with the Portuguese (Europe) first.
The Chinese did not like the Portuguese.
 The Chinese thought that the items that the
Portuguese traded were a very poor quality and
made the Europeans pay for trade in gold and
 The Chinese did not trust the Europeans so the
emperor was the ONLY person allowed contact
them for trade.
Farming, Art, and Decline of
the Ming Dynasty
 The Ming helped created better farming practices with the
 Increase farming land with terracing!
 Art forms that were popular during the Ming dynasty
 Landscape paintings
 Novels
 Detective stories
 The Ming Dynasty declined due to weak emperors, poor
tax system, government leaders were fighting, and the
huge population!
How would you describe the
Ming Dynasty?
 Include 5 things you’ve learned here based on what
you’ve learned in the module and this lesson!
8.03 Assignment: Your Cause
and Effect Chart