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Aim: To analyze the elements of “A Wall of
Fire Rising.”
Do Now:
Take out your notes for “A Wall of Fire Rising”
for the quiz.
Quiz: Create a plot
diagram for the story.
Symbols and Metaphors
 Symbol – when a concrete object
represents an abstract idea.
 Metaphor – a comparison (sometimes an
extended one) between two unlike things.
Hot Air Balloon
 Symbol
 Metaphor
Discussion Questions
1. How is the quotation on page 56 characterized? Why is it used in
the story?
2. Explain the quotation on page 68: "He [God] gave us reasons to
want to fly."
3. How do the lines quoted from the play relate to the story?
4. Contrast the attitudes of Guy and Lili.
5. Why does he commit suicide? Is it justifiable in any way?
6. What socio-economic themes are underscored in the story?