Local Control Accountability Plan

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Local Control Accountability
N OV E M B E R – D EC E M B E R 2 0 1 3
Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF)
 The Local Control Funding Formula is California’s
new school finance model to allocate funding from
the state to local school districts.
 In the past, funds were allocated to specific
purposes. Local districts had very little discretion in
how to use the funds.
What Is Different?
 The LCAP provides districts with greater discretion in
allocating state funding.
 The LCAP provides additional dollars for low-income
children, English learners, and foster youth.
Local Control Accountability Plan
 Local Control
Accountability Plan
(LCAP) is a plan adopted
by the district, in concert
with the adoption of the
 The plan is to be
focused on District goals
and actions to improve
student performance.
Local Control Accountability Plan
 The LCAP reflects the goals that will be pursued
based on the 8 state priorities outlined in the LCFF
legislation, along with any locally adopted priorities.
 The LCAP is to be created after input has been
obtained from stakeholders including students,
parents, teachers, and staff.
Eight State Priorities That Must Be
Included in LCAP
 Student Achievement (1,3,4,5)
 Student Engagement (3,4,5)
 Student Outcomes (2,4,5)
 School Climate (4,5)
 Parental Involvement (5)
 Basic Services
 Implementation of Common Core State Standards
 Course Access (3,4,5)
LCAP Development & Adoption Process
 Gather input from stakeholders
 Develop proposed plan
 Present proposed plan to parent advisory committee for
review and comment
 Solicit recommendations and comments from the public in a
 Solicit written comment on proposed plan from public
 Respond in writing to comments of parents advisory
 Adopt plan in public hearing
 Submit plan to County for review and approval.
CVUSD Strategic Plan Goals
 The Board of Educatoin adopted the 2014-2017
Strategic Plan on November 7 and goals are:
 Each student will gain at least one proficiency level
each year as the result of highly skilled instruction
and the use of instructional technology.
 All students receive skilled instruction based on the
common core standards, which will lead to
graduation and success in college and career.
CVUSD Strategic Plan Goals
 High school students will have the opportunity to
participate in one of two well-developed pathways.
 All students and staff will possess the 21st century
skills required to access and use appropriate
technology to increase student academic
 Students, parents, staff and the community will
receive ongoing and timely communication through
a variety of formats.
Capturing Your Perspective
 Three 20 minute rounds.
 Rotate to new table.
 Jot your thoughts as you talk!
 Your perspective and advice – What are your 3-5 top
priority LCAP ideas?
Three Options To Choose From on How to
Serve High Needs Students
 At this time, the proposed regulations require districts to
choose one of the three ways to satisfy the requirement
of providing increased services or programs:
Spend more: demonstrated by increasing funding spent
on high needs students
Provide more: demonstrated through added or
improved services for high needs students
Achieve more: demonstrated through annual growth on
the state priorities for high needs students