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Texas Parks and Wildlife Outdoor Recreational Grant - 2010
• The Texas Parks and Wildlife Outdoor Recreation
Grant was introduced to the McLennan County
Commissioner’s Court in 2002 and in that same year brought to
the City of West by Commissioner Joe Mashek. It was
administered on a Precinct by Precinct basis.
• Precinct 1 has utilized this grant and completed construction of
a Community Activity Complex in Mart, Texas;
• Precinct 4 has utilized this grant and in working with the City of
Crawford, was able to make significant improvements to
Tonkawa Park in Crawford, Texas;
• Precinct 3 is now in line for requesting funds for
Outdoor facilities and wishes to apply for recreation
facilities and improvements for the City of West.
• Precinct 2 is anxiously awaiting their turn to apply for funds.
The West City Council recognized
the need for a community based
comprehensive Master Plan which
would develop the needs for parks
and recreational facilities within
the community and also establish
the priorities for the desired
A committee was assembled to
develop a questionnaire which
was widely circulated within the
West Community. This
questionnaire provided a
mechanism to obtain citizen and
park user input as to the park and
recreational needs of the our
West ISD has an old baseball field, previously used
by the High School (acreage is estimated at 3.6
Some of the suggested improvements along with
new concession and restroom facilities are:
A tennis complex – with
8 lighted competition
tennis courts
A new
Picnic pavilions with tables
This would allow West to host tournaments for the West ISD and the public.
• Additional land to be donated by the West
ISD includes the existing track field
(totaling 6.2 acres), to which a new track
and facility improvements are proposed.
Included in this project is the
current City of West Park
located on Stillmeadow.
(totaling 4.0 acres)
Some of the suggested
improvements in this area
Development of an
Upgrading the existing
basketball courts for 3 on 3
Adding tranquil gardens
and benches
The crowing jewel in the proposed improvements would be
a nature trail that would encompass the entire acreage –
(totaling 17.6 acres). This trail could be used for walking,
jogging, and bike riding riding.
To – Parking
To – Basketball and
To –
Gardens, Benches
and Picnics
To – Track
To – Tennis
 The Outdoor Recreation Grant Application
Deadline is July 31, 2010.
 Grants are awarded in early November.
 The Project Priority ranking will depend on the
score we receive in relation to other
communities applying for the same grant.
 If we should not succeed on our first try, we may
apply again once any suggested changes have
been made to our application.
• 1 to 15 points for Master Plan
• 1 to 10 points for Recreational Diversity
• 1 to 6 points for Water Based Recreation
• 1 to 10 points for Innovative Use (that benefits an entire community)
• 1 to 20 points for Recreation vs. Support Costs
• 1 to 15 points for Special Populations (low income and minorities)
1 to 20 points for Partnerships
1 to 30 points for Land Acquisition (based on amount of acreage)
1 to 25 points for Renovation (reuse of existing park)
1 to 10 points for Environmentally Responsible Activities (types of landscape and
natural and recycled materials used for trails etc.)
1 to 3 points for Linkage (how it ties in to the community and surroundings)
1 to 3 points for Cultural Resources
1 to 5 points for Improving Access to the Outdoors
5 points for Complete Applications Received (with all backup documents)
Donation of land
Community, City, County, and State involvement
Community Service opportunities
Local cash and in-kind contributions
Sponsorships – whether private or public
Donation of construction materials, landscaping supplies, etc.
Professional services – (architects, engineers, contractors,
appraisers, attorneys)
Complete your survey form;
Pledge a cash or in-kind contribution;
Provide services;
Sponsor a fixture, a tree, a tennis court; a
drinking fountain – anything that we need
Hold a fundraiser;
Host a work day;
Host a lunch for the workers during construction;
Present some of our cultural resources to tie in
to this project;
Committee Members to contact for additional information:
Laura Bettge (Project Chairman)
Susie Price (Mainstreet Director)
Marty Crawford
Crystal Anthony
Alvin Soukup
David Kolar
Larry Hykel
Missy Sulak
Larry Sparks
Joey Pustejovsky
Jerrel Bolton
Johnny Mynar
Tommy Muska
Joe Mashek
Susanne Nemmer (Assistant to Joe Mashek)
The End
Produced By: Susanne Nemmer
Directed by: Laura Bettge