Active Learning through PowerPoint

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Transcript Active Learning through PowerPoint

Julia Harbeck
Sarah Cheverton
Educational Objective
Drives Technology
What is your educational objective for
using a PowerPoint presentation?
 Online
What do you want your students to take
away from your class?
PPT should _________, not replace
lecture while in-class.
Benefits of Using PPT (Cleland, 2001)
What do you think are the benefits of
PPT presentations?
Multimedia: Animation, video and
Links to the WWW: Simple access to
other resources.
Editing: Can easily update
Benefits (Cleland, 2001)
Distribution: Printing or exporting to
Cost: Low cost, assuming projection
facilities are available
Non-linear: Have capability of breaking
away from linear presentation of
materials to non-linear organization
Disadvantages (Cleland, 2001)
With a partner, come up with a list of 4
characteristics of PPT that you think are
disadvantages of its use in a classroom
Lack of interactivity: Teacher no longer
interacts with the media. Promotes ________
Resolution: Best resolution is 1024 X 768
but 35 mm slides are 4000 X 3000.
Brightness: Room lights must be dimmed
which promotes _________ and reduced
Disadvantages (Cleland, 2001)
Pacing: PPT slides can be displayed very
quickly, leaves illusion that the pace is too
Distractions: Some get too carried away with
bells and whistles and forget the __________
_________of the presentation
Linear straight jacket: Although have the
ability to do non-linear presentation, can get
locked into linear mind-set
Twelve Tips for Effective PPT
Presentations (Cleland, 2001 & Holzl, 1997)
1. Develop a visual __________ for your
presentation, keep it in front of you
throughout development.
2. Use sound and video only for
__________ purposes.
3. Look for relevant ways to provide
“___________ _______”.
Twelve Tips for Effective PPT
Presentations (Cleland, 2001 & Holzl, 1997)
Pre-select a standard sans-serif font for
clarity and readability
Serif is the little tail added at the end of letters,
Times New Roman. This is Times
New Roman. See the little tails?
Sans serif means without the tails, Arial. This
is Arial. Notice the plain block type
Twelve Tips for Effective PPT
Presentations (Cleland, 2001 & Holzl, 1997)
5. Consider the size of the room when
choosing font size.
> 200 seats = Headings: 42 point;
Main text: 36 point
< 200 seats = Headings: 36 point;
Main text: 28 point
< 50 seats = Headings: 32 point;
Main text: 24 point
Twelve Tips for Effective PPT
Presentations (Cleland, 2001 & Holzl, 1997)
For maximum effect choose predominantly
_________ case letters.
Preview the effect of your chosen colors:
Have no more than ___ regions of color
Be consistent with your colors
Consider the cultural significance of color
Text color should complement and be
_________ from background color
If you grade colors (light to dark) the intensity
should __________ as you move to the bottom
of the frame.
Consider the psychological effect of color.
Twelve Tips for Effective PPT
Presentations (Cleland, 2001 & Holzl, 1997)
When choosing build (movement within a
slide) and transition (movement between
slides) effects, consider effect on audience
learning. 1 sec. Transition between slides.
9. Choose pictures and clip art that enhance
your presentation message.
10. Know what version of PPT is on the
machine where you will be doing the
Twelve Tips for Effective PPT
Presentations (Cleland, 2001 & Holzl, 1997)
11. Always have a back-up:
transparencies, handouts, web-site
12. Practice.
13. What are some tips you’ve found
useful that we haven’t covered here?
Examples of Bad PPTs
Inserting Audio
When would you want to run a sound
Here is a sound file:
See Handout
Inserting Video
Can you think of a topic in your course
where showing a video would be
See Handout
Here is a video clip:
Narrating a PPT presentation
When would you want to narrate a
See Handout
Active Learning
Fill-in-the-blank: Provide print-outs or
have them bring print-out to class if
Don’t provide every little detail in the
presentation-require that students
_______ listen, take notes.
Mix activities in with PPT.
Can ask questions and list answers in PPT
Posting Online
If post online, determine why.
Study guide? Include blanks?
Could make speaker notes available if online.
If save as an html, save for Netscape and
Internet Explorer.
Can also save as a ppt
Will display in IE window.
Netscape, opens in PPT
If no PPT, then can’t view in Netscape
Other Sources
Let educational objectives be primary
Follow basic guidelines.
Err on the side of simple.
Design differently for Online as opposed
to in-class presentation.
Engage students whenever possible.