Improving the older persons journey through A&E

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Transcript Improving the older persons journey through A&E

Improving the older person’s
journey through A&E
Attending any Accident and Emergency Department can
often be a stressful, scary, confusing experience. Aintree
University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust recognises and is
responding to this.
The Older Persons Champions Network is committed to improving the experiences of older people
within the emergency setting by embracing the Department of Health’s dignity and respect
The network have pledged to review 100% of the services delivered to older people within the
Accident and Emergency Department to ensure we provide optimum care. The Older Persons
Champion Network are committed in ensuring processes are both effective and timely as well
as meeting the needs of older patients.
To this…
How will we achieve our objective?
• Older Person Champions within the Accident and
Emergency Department have pledged to roll out awareness
raising sessions to all staff within the Department to highlight
effective strategies that can be used to promote patient
• Work is underway to “Fast-Track” elderly patients through
the department wherever possible.
• A Discharge Checklist specifically for the older person has
been written, to ensure elderly patients are discharged home
in a safe and effective manner.
• The Trust’s Dignity Charter will be clearly exhibited throughout the Accident
and Emergency Department.
• A Patient Questionnaire will be piloted within the department to measure
patient satisfaction and to address any areas of concern by building robust
action plans.
• A range of patient information leaflets have been produced to explain medical
conditions and procedures in a straight forward manner.
Contributors - June Wolstenholme, Carol Walsh, Lorraine Harris , Lynsey Low and Colin Hont - October 2007