A Drunken Ride, A Tragic Aftermath

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Transcript A Drunken Ride, A Tragic Aftermath

A Drunken Ride, A Tragic Aftermath
Philosophical Chairs
DAY 1-2:
• Read and annotate the story that has been provided
• Be sure to provide an answer to the questions that
follow – first impressions, multiple choice, and
• These answers do not have to be lengthy – they are
a means to prepare you for discussion
• Prepare a minimum of three open-ended questions to
ask that will allow for discussion with your peers.
– Example: Who was really at fault for the accident and why?
DAY 2-3:
• Once the reading and annotating is complete,
students will discuss as a group the important
elements of the story and their reaction to it.
• Some things to consider – who was really at fault?
Could this have been prevented? What other
options did the boys have? Is the driver being
treated fairly? Do you feel badly for the driver?
What should his punishment be? What is the most
powerful aspect of this piece? Do these events
remind you of anyone or anything?
• Each student must speak for formative credit. The
student lead will pull cards for discussion.
DAY 4:
• Individual reflection –
– Write a 2-3 paragraph reflection choosing a side –
who is responsible for the accident? Is it the driver
alone, or are all boys equally responsible? What is
your position on this question?
– This is an argument style response – choose a
perspective and write from it, discreetly
“convincing” me by using strong examples and
reasons from the text. Time to A.C.E. it!
• This is your summative score for this activity.