Effective Safety Committees Make them work for you

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Transcript Effective Safety Committees Make them work for you

DOE Safety Committee
Effective Safety
Make it work for you!
Rate Your Safety Committee
1. Members are motivated, committee gets things done, is the
cornerstone of our safety program, focuses on problem solving
and safety promotion, is loved by all.
2. It meets, does some things OK, has trouble staying on track, its
basic function is to review accidents and conduct safety surveys.
3. Has not accomplished anything of value in the past year,
members are bored, committee is on the verge of breaking up.
4. Doesn’t meet any more, is in need of life support or a mercy
The Challenge
With today’s trend of streamlining and
multi-tasking, administrators and
management level employees are required
to wear several hats.
This makes the Safety Committee
extremely important!
A Safety Committee is ….
….. an integral element of a comprehensive safety
and health program. It serves to demonstrate
top management’s direction and commitment to
safety as a priority of the organization.
Purpose of a Safety Committee:
* Promote safety in the workplace.
Goals of a Safety Committee:
* Increase safety awareness
* Build enthusiasm for safety programs
* Reduce and prevent injuries
A Safety
Committee Can Assist with:
􀁺 Regulatory compliance
􀁺 Emergency planning (bomb threat, fire, workplace
􀁺 Training (OSHA, lifting, general safety)
􀁺 Program development and implementation
􀁺 Ergonomics
􀁺 Safety surveys
􀁺 Job hazard analysis
􀁺 Accident investigation reviews
􀁺 Employee safety promotion
Safety Committee
Positively impacts a safety program.
Touches all levels of the organization.
Liaison between administration and staff.
Benefits of a Safety Committee
(to the DOE)
􀁺 Reduces accidents and lost work time
􀁺 Promotes staff involvement at all levels
􀁺 Accomplishes more safety projects
􀁺 Increases productivity
Benefits of a Safety Committee (to the
􀁺 Creates a safer work environment.
􀁺 Improves communication.
􀁺 Increases safety awareness.
􀁺 Enhances employee morale.
Safety Committee…
􀁺 Relieves managers and supervisors of
their responsibility for safety.
􀁺 Takes the place of other safety programs.
􀁺 Involves only staff.
Why Safety Committees Fail
􀁺 No direction.
􀁺 No successes.
􀁺 Frustration.
􀁺 Boredom.
􀁺 Why are we here?
􀁺 This is a waste of my time!!
􀁺 No support.
Possible Barriers to Success
Lack of…
 Management commitment.
 Committee expertise or training.
 Teamwork.
 Leadership.
 Direction and goals.
 Follow-up.
 Focus on specific issues.
 Preparation for meetings.
Membership –
Cornerstone of an Effective Committee
􀁺 All employees should have the opportunity to
􀁺 Representation by all departments, locations, operations,
divisions, - include office staff
􀁺 Membership should be 5 to 15 (5 to 7 is optimal)
􀁺 Designee plus alternate
􀁺 Membership should be voluntary
􀁺 Rotate members
􀁺 Assign specific responsibilities to chairperson, secretary,
and members.
Responsibilities - Chairperson
􀁺 Organize agenda items, speakers, and other
related materials for meetings.
􀁺 Forward recommendations to appropriate
management personnel.
􀁺 Prepare periodic analysis reports/accident
reports, safety improvements
􀁺 Follow-up to past recommendations and report
􀁺 Conduct meetings in orderly fashion
Responsibilities - Secretary
􀁺 Prepare meeting agenda and notify members of
date and location
􀁺 Gather agenda items and related materials
􀁺 Roll call of members
􀁺 Record minutes
Responsibilities - Members
􀁺 Attend all meetings and actively participate
􀁺 Set a positive example for safe performance
􀁺 Conduct safety surveys according to schedule
􀁺 Participate in accident investigation and review
􀁺 Report unsafe acts or conditions
Committee Structure
􀁺 Determine frequency of meeting
􀁺 Pre-schedule meeting dates
􀁺 Limit to one hour
􀁺 Prepare agenda
􀁺 Record and distribute minutes
Meeting Agendas
􀁺 Call to order by chair
􀁺 Roll call by secretary
􀁺 Introduce visitors
􀁺 Review minutes of previous meeting
􀁺 Conduct business
• Old business
• New business
• Review accident data
• Review safety survey reports
• Review emergency Plans
􀁺 Schedule next meeting
􀁺 Adjourn
Functions of the Committee
􀁺 Provide a forum to address and discuss health and
safety issues.
􀁺 Provide a channel through which improvements can be
recommended for adoption by the administration.
􀁺 Generate ideas for improving health and safety.
􀁺 Stimulate interest of employees.
􀁺 Review and update safety training and emergency plans.
Keys to success –
Post Committee members’ names, give them
stature and credibility.
Give the Safety Committee visibility and
Encourage reasonable, attainable goals. (Zero
accidents is not a reasonable goal)
Accident Review Process
􀁺 Step beyond accident investigation.
􀁺 Brainstorming.
􀁺 What did we learn? What do we need to do
􀁺 Evaluate effectiveness of supervisor
investigation/prevention efforts.
Spice Up a Meeting
􀁺 Bring in an outside speaker.
􀁺 Hold a safety breakfast.
􀁺 Present safety awards.
􀁺 Designate a quarterly safety topic:
– Back injury prevention.
– Fire prevention and safety.
– Slips/trips/falls.
– Vehicle safety.
– Personal protective equipment.
Invite Outside Resources
Fire Department.
Police Department.
Civil Defense
Networking with other schools
Last Safety Committee Rule
Make it FUN!!!!!