Diapositiva 1

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Transcript Diapositiva 1

• The first stage of the project took place in Wodzisław Śląski (Poland).
where all the partners met.
From Italy six students went to Poland: Giada Murgia (3^b),Francesca
Murru (3^b), Lisa Tuveri (4^a), Aida Piroddi (4^a), Francesco Bovi
(4^b), Rocco Cerina (4^b), and 2 teachers :Oliva I. and Pala P.and
the secretary Pintore P.
Here they met other students and worked with them on the project topic,
Project meeting in Poland
At school: workshop classes
Discussing about benefits and threats of coalmining and on renewable
sources of energy
A visit to the museum of power engineering and power plant and to
water-power plant
Farewell party at school