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Generations Working Together
for Active and Healthy Ageing
Dr Anne Hendry,
Clinical Lead for Integrated Care
Active and Healthy Ageing
European Innovation Partnership Definition
> Maximising opportunities for health, participation
and security to enhance quality of life as you age
> Autonomy and independence in later life
> Physical, mental and social wellbeing
> Participation in social, economic, cultural, spiritual
and civic affairs, work and physical activity
Active and Healthy Ageing
Action Plan for Scotland
> Reference Group NHS Health Scotland, Joint
Improvement Team, Scottish Government,
Universities, NHS, Local Authorities, Housing, Care
sector and voluntary sector
> Scottish Older People’s Assembly and local forums
> Reviewed evidence base and gaps
> Highlighted good practice to spread
> Ambitious but practical actions to achieve by 2016
Themes identified
> “I want to have fun and enjoy myself”
> “I wish to remain connected to my
community and friends”
> “I wish to be able to contribute to society
for as long as I want and to be treated
with respect”
> “Don’t talk about me without me”
“I want to have fun and enjoy
– Go for Gold rolled out to supported living settings
– Develop resource pack for staff in care homes
– Promote physical activity through databases eg
ALISS, Physical Activity and Health Alliance
– Share messages at key life stages
– Promote arts festivals and cultural activities to
older people
“I wish to remain connected to
my community and friends”
Update falls prevention material
Develop a ‘place’ standard
Increase safe walking routes
Promote intergenerational working by developing
the evidence base for effectiveness and sharing
good practice
– Explore use of social media and digital technology
– Engage with local faith communities
“I wish to be able to contribute to
society for as long as I want and
to be treated with respect”
– Share good practice examples for supporting older
people in the workplace
– Identify best practice for pre-retirement courses
and promote with employers
– Promote volunteering opportunities for older
– Involve older people as volunteers in design and
delivery of care services
“Don’t talk about me
without me”
– Meaningful engagement and fully utilise powers of
community empowerment legislation
– Promote the contribution that older people make
to society in positive images and stories
– Promote the free support to those living on low
income to write wills and appoint Power of
– Promote the messages of the Good Life Good
Death Good Grief alliance
Somewhere to Go and Something to Do
Specific actions for:
> National Organisations
> Health, Care and Housing Partnerships
> Community Planning Partners
> Older People and Communities
> Third and Independent sectors
Contribution to Reshaping Care
Opportunity to use the Change Fund
‘Older people in Scotland are valued as an
asset, their voices are heard, and older
people are supported to enjoy full and
positive lives in their own home or in a
homely setting.’
Making It Happen
Hampden Mental Wellbeing in Later Life event
Innovation events with housing partners
Call to Action for partnerships in April
Work with Games Legacy Team
> Monitor indicators of success
Intergenerational Approaches to Improving
Health and Wellbeing
> Encourage use of Intergenerational
Practice in active ageing
> Promote healthier lifestyles for all
> Support greater independence
> Reduce social isolation of vulnerable
groups - in particular, older people.
Generations Working Together
29 local networks
Over 350 practitioners trained
Promoting greater understanding and
respect between / across generations,
building more cohesive communities and
growing volunteering.
Generations Working Together…..
to have fun and enjoy myself
to remain connected to my community and friends
to be able to contribute to society
to be treated with respect