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Welcome to the Bristol
Intergenerational Network
Tuesday 18th January 2011
Louise Middleton
Centre for Intergenerational Practice Manager
1993 - European Year of Solidarity
Between Generations
2002 – United Nations
Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing
“Solidarity between generations at all levels
– in families, communities and nations –
is fundamental for the achievement of
a society for all ages”
2009 – First European Day of Solidarity
Between Generations
• 2012 – European Year of Active Ageing and
Solidarity between Generations
National Picture
• Centre for Intergenerational Practice
• National Youth Agency
• Work with Local Authorities/Generations
• Wales / Northern Ireland / Scotland
• International Consortium for
Intergenerational Programmes
• National Youth Agency
• Manchester City Council / LA’s
• Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation /
London Youth
• Mentoring and Befriending Foundation
Training and Resources
 The World Health
Organisation describes a
Healthy Community as one
in which there are good
social networks, a culture of
mutual respect and
understanding and one
where people feel
empowered to make
Centre for Intergenerational Practice
Beth Johnson Foundation