Preparing for the future

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Preparing for the future
Educating our children for a changing world
It’s all changed …….
….…since I was at school
Changes in what is being taught
 Changes in how children are taught
 Different kinds of lessons
 Children knowing more about some
things than we do.
Keeping up with change
‘Jobs’ and work patterns
Technology and the internet
Environmental concerns
Health and wellbeing
Living together in a ‘smaller’ world
What is education for?
 Learning to be
 Learning to learn
 Learning to live with others
 Learning to do
UNESCO: Aims of Education
The future of education in Scotland
The hope is that all Scottish children become
 confident individuals
 successful learners
 responsible citizens
 effective contributors to work and society
Discussion Point
 Make a list of three activities that you
already do at home with your children to
help them achieve the four purposes.
What three things do you think that your
child’s school does well to help them
achieve these.
Important Principles
Challenge and enjoyment
Providing individual choice
Outside school
A lot of learning also takes place outside school
 at home and within the family
 at clubs and in community settings
 individually and with friends
All of these experiences contribute to a
child’s learning and development.
What do we mean by ‘Curriculum’?
What children and young people do in school
 lessons
- in primary schools to develop basic skills of
reading, writing and mathematics
- in secondary schools subjects leading to
examinations and qualifications
 day to day life of the school community
The Curriculum for Excellence
 A framework for change
 Builds on existing good practice
 Not a single document – allows for
 An ongoing process of review and change
Who is involved?
Scottish Government
Learning and Teaching Scotland (LTS)
HM Inspectorate of Education (HMIE)
Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA)
education authorities, schools, colleges,
professional associations, researchers.
Looking at the curriculum differently.
 Ethos and life of the school as a
 Curriculum areas and subjects
 Interdisciplinary topics and studies
 Opportunities for personal achievement
What will this mean for schools?
Learning will take place through planned
experiences linking different ‘subject’
 Experiences focussed on achieving
specific outcomes in terms of
knowledge, skills and understanding
health and wellbeing
social studies
expressive arts
religious and moral education
What is actually happening?
 Specialist groups have developed draft
experiences and outcomes in 8 areas for
 Schools and teachers reviewing existing practice
trying out new approaches
 Implications for assessment, achievement and
qualifications being considered.
By June 2008 draft outcomes and
experiences available for all areas.
Throughout 2008/09 trials and focus groups
to test these.
From 2009/10 all schools work on
developing new curriculum.
How can I get involved?
 Look out for information about changes
 Discuss with your child what they are doing in
 Think about what you can do to help achieve the
four main purposes of education
 Try to get involved in what is happening in your
child’s school.
How can parents help?