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Making Connections with Academic Partners Biofuel: Funding and Legislation Workshop Glasgow Thursday 26 th May 2011

Laura Noble Interface – The knowledge connection for business

Interface – who we are and what we do Why work with a University?

Who can you work with?

Funding options Case Studies © Interface

Support for business

available within Scotland’s Universities

Research & technology capabilities Specialist expertise Contract research Access to equipment & facilities Strategy, marketing & planning support Consultancy Industrial placements Training, support & development

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Interface – The Matchmaker for Business Business Community Direct Contact Via events, word of mouth, press, etc Academic Partners All Scottish Universities & Research Institutions Referrals Via Intermediary organisations

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Our Partner Institutions

Company contacts InterfaceIdentify suitable partnersEstablish Capability & capacityCompany selects partnerFacilitates introductionsMonitors progress © Interface

Customers we have assisted

Working with academia:

What are the benefits?

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Collaborative Funding Opportunities

TSB Collaborative Grants Framework 7 Access Facilities Research Collaborations Knowledge Transfer Partnerships CASE Studentships SMART Feasibility Study Consultancy SEEKIT feasibility funding Innovation Vouchers Student Projects

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SFC Innovation Vouchers Scheme

£1000 - £5000 grant to offset the costs of the collaborative project with one of Scotland’s HE institutions  Open to all SMEs with main business operations in Scotland (SC number)  Matched scheme, either with cash or in kind 

The project should:

   Lead to new products, services of process Benefit the business, institution and Scottish economy Encourage new partnerships and long-term relationships © Interface

Tips of the trade:

working with academia  All partnerships are fuelled by trust - be open and honest and look for win-win solution  Nominate a Project Champion within the business who has the time and resources to drive things forward 

Be clear about the solution required & agree

timescales - progress check throughout the project  Activity does not always equal progress milestones in place and project ownership needs to be clear © Interface

Seeking Simplicity

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Jacobite Cruises

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Biofuel: Funding and Legislation Workshop Stirling Tuesday 29 th

March 2011 [email protected]

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